Eduard bunch

Eduard bunch (* 15. March 1835 in Vienna - Leopoldstadt; † 28. December 1916 in Vienna) was a Austrian composer and Kapellmeister.


bunch was the youngest son of Johann bunch (father), as well as brother of Johann bunch (son) and Josef bunch. It studied music teachings and joined 1855 the bunch orchestra as a harp player .

Starting from 1862 it directed then together with its brothers and led at the same time its own chapel. When 1872 Josef bunch died and bunch dedicated itself ever more to Johann composing, it took over the exclusive line of the orchestra. 1878 were then selected Carl Michael Ziehrer to the new leader.

Four years after Eduard bunch was appointed as k&k the director of yard ball music. With this orchestra it made many successful tours, with which it arose on two continents around the 840 cities.

When 1901 k&k the yard ball music was dissolved, Eduard bunch took over no further work, but withdrew themselves ever more.

1907 it burned finally all note archives of the bunch chapel - over three carload lots - around an alleged promise its brothers opposite to fulfill.

1916 deceased to Eduard bunch at a cardiac infarct.


bunch composed works during his life altogether 295 works, which are rather unknown however all together, since he always stood in the shade of his brother and his father.

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