Eduard VII. (United Kingdom of)

Eduard VII.
9. November 1841-6. May 1910
Eduard VII. von Großbritannien
king of England
Term of office of 1901-1910
predecessors Viktoria
successor George V.
Father prince Albert
Mutter Viktoria

Albert Eduard von Saxonia Coburg Gotha (* 9. November 1841 in London; † 6. May 1910 in London) was as Eduard VII. from 1901 to 1910 king of Great Britain and Ireland.

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it became 1841 as an oldest son of the British queen Viktoria and of themHusband Albert von Saxonia Coburg Gotha born.

The successor to the throne Bertie prepared large concerns, since he was from unsteady nature, for its parents as a child any efforts opposite disinterestedly and instead already early a slope to dissipations showed. It opposed the most intractable resistance to the instruction material of its private teachers andrefused learning and reading. It was in an undisciplined manner, pleasure addicted and moodful and often tightened themselves the anger and numerous measure regulations by his well-known prüden and pedantischen father, the prince husband Albert von Saxonia Coburg Gotha .

marriage and children

to 10. March 1863he married in Windsor Alexandra of Denmark, which gave him the following children:

a character

as a prince of Wales, approx. 1860-1865
particularly to women represented a lifelong, large passion in its life, in addition, gambling,Horse-run, French way of life and the world of theatre, exclusive shooting parties, nightclubs and Vaudeville. Eduard was a living man of royal format. It was the type of ark of the charming and heedlessly unfaithful Kavaliers. Already in its early twenties it had unstandesgemässe Liebesverhältnisse with actresses, thoseit partly uninhibited after lock Windsor invited. The actress Lilly Langtry was into the 1870er years its continuous Mätresse. Its last love was Alice Keppel (the Ur-Ur-grandmother of Camilla Parker Bowles), with which it was each spring several weeks in Biarritz.

Forwardsits assumption of office was Albert Eduard particularly because of its numerous affairs notorious: It was complicated as Prince OF Wales into two court processes. Once (1870) it was called in a separation procedure of a lady of the society as cause of divorce. Another time (1891) he was a witness in oneProcess, with which it concerned bad gambling.

In knowledge of a its character and express personal refusal, its nut/mother kept him away consciously so long as possible from all Regierungsgeschäften. Lock Sandringham, its countryseat, became center of the High Society life off the capital, at that for the first time alsoAmerican dollar millionaires sharings were allowed.

free bricklaying

since Eduard VII in Stockholm 1868 into the free bricklaying by king Karl XV. were accepted, were he an active Freimaurer. When it was used 1874 as large master, it gave the English brother shank new momentum and popularity.Approximately in this time it came to the break with the Grand Orient de France. The number of active Logen rose from 1200 to over 3000. It appeared publicly, at home and on journeys abroad as a large master and put with free bricklayer ceremonies of foundation-stones of public buildings, bridgesand churches in England and docks in Bombay. Its presence provided for publicity and reports over any free bricklayer meetings published regularly in the national and local press. Free bricklaying was permanently in the view of the public and Freimaurer was well-known in its municipalities. Eduard VII. one was thatlargest advocate of the free bricklaying. To its accession it laid down its office as a large master.


as a queen Viktoria to 22. January 1901 died, was Eduard with 59 years the secondaryoldest monarch, whom England had ever (after William IV.). In addition was itthe longest acting direct heir to the throne. This „honour “could take over prince Charles in the year 2012, if his nut/mother, queen Elizabeth II. then still lives.

Edward should to 26. June 1902 to be crowned; however it got sick two days before with appendicitis, so that thoseCoronation/culmination to be shifted had. After successful treatment it became to 9. August 1902 crowned. Edward VII. governed from 1901 to 1910 in Great Britain.

After its assumption of office it had portion of the conclusion of the Entente cordiale. It was considered as the uncles of Europe and had inambivalentes relationship to his nephew, the German emperor Wilhelm II. On the other hand it was a large friend of France, which it on a journey with its parents 1855 know for the first time had learned. It was it symbol for a culture of the erlesenen Hedonismus, which it itswhole life had dedicated.


Eduard, a lifelong excessive cigar smoker, died at an acute thrust chronic of bronchitis in the Buckingham palace , broken out after a cold, become, which it had tightened itself with a walk on Sandringham.

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