Eduard lake

name: Eduard lake
secondary name: Rutanzigesee
situation: East Africa
of countries: DR the Congo, Uganda
surface 2,325 km ²
maximum depth: 112 m
water surface: 920 m and. NN
maximum one length: 65 km
maximum one width: 38 km
of supplies: Rutshuru, Rwindi,
Nyamugasani, Ishasha
of discharges: Semliki

the Eduard lake (Edward lake), which also Rutanzigesee is called, lies in east Africa to a large extent in the democratic Republic of the Congo (“DR the Congo”); that northeasthurry lies in Uganda.

East for the large Central African threshold and west the Uganda high country is appropriate the lake, the part East Africa niches of the Grabenbruchs is directly southern, the Ruwenzori mountains. While the Eduard lake is fed by many small brooks and rivers (in addition to belong the Rutshuru and Rwindi), is its only discharge of the Semliki, which leaves the lake on the northwest bank, in order to flow further north into the Albert lake. In the east it is connected by the river Kazinga with the Georgesee.

Henry Morton Stanley discovered the fish-rich lake 1876 for the western world, visited it 1889 and called it after Albert Edward, the Prince at that time OF Wales (late king Edward VII.).

As Idi amine in Uganda governed called one the lake in this country Idi amine lake or Idi amine Dada lake.

The administration transfers park in the Congo of the Virunga national and to Uganda of the Queen Elizabeth national park.

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