EDP pool of broadcasting corporations Grieg

EDP pool of broadcasting corporations Grieg

EDP pool of broadcasting corporations Hagerup Grieg (* 15. June 1843 in mountains, Norway; † 4. September 1907 in mountains) was a Norwegian nationalromantic composer.

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EDP pool of broadcasting corporations Grieg appliesas the Norwegian composer. Its father Alexander was a buyer and British consul in mountains, its nut/mother Gesine Grieg, geb. Hagerup, a Pianistin and singer. She gave first music instruction to Grieg. it studied 1858-1862 at the conservatoire in Leipzig, among other things with Louis Plaidy,Ernst Ferdinand Wenzel and Ignaz Moscheles. 1862 it returned to mountains . One year later it moved to Copenhagen . There the meeting with that arranged crucial musical impulses for it early the deceased Rikard Nordraak. it created 1864 together with Hans's Christian Andersen one andother musicians in Copenhagen the concert company “Euterpe” for the care of new Scandinavian music. 1866 took place a removal after Christian IANA (Oslo), where it 1867 his cousin Nina Hagerup before-light. 1869/70 it was as a scholarship holder in Rome, where it met Franz Liszt. Starting from 1874it lived with state pay as a free lance composer partly in mountains, partly in Oslo, partly in Lofthus at the hard meadow fjord. It undertook journeys by completely Europe as pianist and a conductor, among other things also to the smelling pool of broadcasting corporations daring he festivals in Bayreuth. 1880-82 he was a conductor of the orchestra of the music company “harmony” inMountains.1885 referred Grieg the house with name Troldhaugen in the Weiler Hop south of mountains, which accommodates today the Grieg museum. One lent to it by the Universities of Cambridge 1893 and Oxford the 1906. EDP pool of broadcasting corporations Grieg died to 4. September 1907 in mountains.


under temporary inclusion of the people music of its homeland it created a specific music language. Griegs greatest importance is appropriate for piano in that - and chamber music; hardly a piano pupil, who does not come with its lyric pieces into contact. Outstanding its caper quartet OI. 27, which in the newEncyclopedia the music in history and presence as one of the most remarkable compositions of the chamber music in 19. Century one rates. Besides Grieg wrote also valuable choir and song literature. From its orchestra works the two Peer Gynt Suiten and the piano concert until of today enjoy extraordinary popularity. The morning tendency,the first set of its Peer Gynt Suite Nr.1, is so frequently used film and television in advertisement, that it ranks among the most well-known classical melodies at all. Little admits is that the Danish composer Niels William Gade activator of some was in former times works Griegs. Among other things Griegs first Symphonie developedafter request Gades, when the two met in Copenhagen. Grieg was however never, as often kolportiert, Gades pupil.

works (selection)

  • Peer Gynt play music OI. 23 after the drama of the same name of Henrik Ibsen, from it:
    • Suite No. 1, OI. 46 (morning tendency, ÅsesDeath, Anitras dance, in resounds the mountain king)
    • to Suite No. 2, OI. 55 (the abduction of the bride, Arab dance, Peer Gynts home coming, Solveigs song)
  • opera fragment Olav Trygvason OI. 50
  • Symphonie No. 1 C-moll [1863/4]
  • Symphonie No. 2 “in the spring “(fragment)
  • concert for piano and orchestraA-moll OI. 16
  • Sonate for piano e-moll OI. 7
  • Ballade for piano g-moll OI. 24
  • people music working on OI. 29 (improvisations), OI. 66 (Norwegian people ways) and OI. 72 (farmer dances Slåtter)
  • lyric pieces for piano, several albums, developed in different creative periods
  • Suite outGetting mountain time OI. , later chamber music Sonate for violin and piano
  • F
    • OI arranges 40 for piano for caper orchestras. 8 (1865)
    • Intermezzo A for Violoncello and piano (1866)
    • Sonate for violin and piano G OI. 13 (1867)
    • Ved mannjevningen, march for violin and piano (1867)
    • Caper quartet g OI. 27 (1877-8)
    • Andante con moto for Klaviertrio (1878)
    • Sonate for Violoncello and piano A OI. 36 (1882-3)
    • Sonate for violin and piano C OI. 45 (1886)
    • caper quartet F, unvoll. (1891)
  • Songs on texts of Heinrich Heine, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and othersOI. 4 and OI. To 48
  • song cycle Haugtussa after Arne borrow OI. 67

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