Edward Dmytryk

Edward Dmytryk (* 4. September 1908 in Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada; † 1. July 1999 in Enrico, California, the USA) was an US-American film director. It belonged to the Hollywood in such a way specified Ten.

Dmytryk grew in San Francisco as a son of Ukrainian immigrants up.

Despite a scholarship it broke its study off at the California institutes OF Technology after one year and went to Hollywood, where it was active as a film director first as Studiohilfskraft , starting from 1930 as a film script author and starting from 1935. Itas one of the rising talents in Hollywood one acted.1941 accepted Dmytryk the American nationality and were during 2. World war member of the communist party of the USA.

End of the 1940er years was suspected Dmytryk by the committee for un-American activities (HUAC) as a communist. Togetherwith nine other employees in Hollywood - which “Hollywood so mentioned Ten “- it refused the statement before the committee and because of “un-American activities” to a short detention was condemned. After some months in the prison it changed its decision and said before thatCommittee out. It said of communism loose and called themselves the names of other persons, who were suspected due to its as communists. This was not forgiven to it by many of its colleagues and overshadowed the remainder of its career, however to center of the 1960er years to a large extentsuccessfully ran.

Into the 1970ern it knocked an academic career as a teacher. From 1976 to 1981 he was a professor for film theory at the university of Austin, Texas.



  • 1944 - Murder, my Sweet - after a novel of Raymond Chandler
  • 1945 - steel thunderstorms (bake tons of Bataan)
  • 1946 - unforgotten years (wave in such a way remembered)
  • 1947 - in the cross fire (Crossfire)
  • 1949 - the insanity of the Dr. Clive (Obsession)
  • 1949 - house of the longing (Give US thisday)
  • 1952 - Meuterei on the pirate ship (Mutiny)
  • 1953 - the rushing (The more juggler)
  • 1954 - the end of an affair (The end to OF the affair)
  • 1954 - the Caine were its fate (The Caine mutiny)
  • 1954- The broken lance (Broken arrow)
  • 1955 - the left hand of God (The left hand OF god)
  • 1955 - meeting place Hong Kong (Soldier OF fortune)
  • 1956 - the mountain of the temptation (The mountain)
  • 1957 - the country of theRain tree (Raintree county)
  • 1957 - the young lions (The young lions)
  • 1959 - the blue angel (The blue fishing rod) - after the novel professor Unrat von Heinrich man
  • 1959 - being LOCK
  • 1961 - on glowing plaster (mill onthe wildly simmers)
  • 1961 - a strange holy (The reluctant saint )
  • 1963 - the Unersättlichen (The carpetbaggers)
  • 1963 - where the love leads (Where love has gone)
  • 1964 - the 27. Floor (Mirage)
  • 1965 - AlvarezKelly
  • 1967 - Battle around Anzio (Lo sbarco di Anzio)
  • 1968 - Shalako
  • 1972 - blue beard (Barbe bleue) - under the alias Luciano Sacripanti
  • 1975 - a man counts starting from (The human factor)


  • 1934 -A Butler in America (Ruggles OF talk gap) - direction: Leo McCarey
  • 1938 - Bulldog Drummond (4): The artificial diamond (Bulldog Drummond' s peril) - direction: James Hogan
  • 1939 - quiescent lots love (Love affair) - direction: Leo McCarey

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