Edward I. Cook

Edward Irving cook (* 12. December 1924) was a mayor of New York town center between 1978 and 1989.


OD cook was born in the local part Crotona park East New Yorker district of the Bronx. Its father was Kürschner. During the large economic crisis the trade with Pelzmänteln went very badly and the family moved to Newark, to new jersey. His nut/mother, Joyce, died at cancer as OD was still relatively young. From 1941 to 1943 it visited town center the college OF New York. Afterwards it was seized by the military service dominant in wartime at that time in the USA and called up into the US army, where it in the 104. Division of the infantry served, which landed in September 1944 in Cherbourg. 1946 it became honorable with the rank of a Sergeants from the army to dismiss. In the same year it still wrote itself as a student of the law faculty the New York University . 1948 took place its law conclusion, 1949 became certified it as a lawyer and began with the work in a practice.

Between 1963 and 1965 he was a chairman of the democratic district federation of Greenwich many situation, was Party Congress delegates to the state convention of New York 1964, and 1966 in New Yorker town councillor was selected. From 1969 to 1973 it represented 17. District of New York in the US house of representatives as well as from 1973 to at the end of of 1977 (after the new cut of the districts) 18. District; altogether it was four half electoral periods or 9 years of a congressional representative.

As a “convinced bachelor “, its sexual identity became topic of the mayor preselection 1977 against Mario Cuomo as posters with the saying “selects Cuomo, not the Homo!” appeared. The election campaign team of Cuomo rejected the responsibility for these posters. Also cook resisted this campaign, and said, “no, I is no homosexual. If I would be homosexual, I hope that I would have the courage to also say this. The cruel at this campaign is that she forces me to say that I am not homosexual. That means that you probably think few from Homosexualität. I would not like to do this. “In its later life its contradiction became less explicit, and it refused giving information over its Sexualleben. Thus it wrote for example: “What concerns me? I am 73 years old. I find it fascinating that there are people, which in my Sexualleben is interested with 73 years. That is indeed something flattering! But, how I write also in my book, my answer to such questions is simply 'Fickt you! 'Finally there must be some more Privatsphäre. “

Finally cook won the election campaign against Cuomo. He meant that he a part of its success Rupert Murdoch owe, whose newspaper, which recommended New York post office, him instead of Cuomo the voters.

To 31. It stepped December 1977 from its office in the congress back around 105. To become mayor of the city New York. It was red-elect twice and served thus from 1978 to 1989 in this function. 1980 it became one the New Yorker delegated ones the democratic national Party Congress. In the April of the same yearly it successfully broke a strike of the underground and bus drivers, by appointing to the national Taylor law: this law forbids strikes, which are led by employees of the state or the municipalities, and prescribes fines for the trade union authorizing the strike, continuously increases with each further day, which the strike persists. After 11 days was the strike past, and the union members returned to their jobs.

he got 1981 lent of town center the college OF New York the academic Bachelor degree.

he stood as a candidate to 1982 for the office of the governor of New York and lost the preselections of the democrats against its old opponent Cuomo. Many voices attribute its defeat to an interview with the magazine Playboy . Therein it described life-style of the suburbs and the remainder of the state outside of New York town center as “sterile” and expressed doubts against the prospect to have to live in the “town of Albany as a governor--thus many voices were lost to it outside of its hometown.

1981 and 1985 he was selected however again to the mayor. he stood as a candidate to 1989 for the fourth time as city head, but he lost the preselections against David Dinkins, which struck Rudolph Giuliani in the main elections.

As a mayor the recurring financial stability of the city New York was attributed to him. It introduced practice to discharge a balanced household, which was set up to US GAAP. It continued to introduce a system, which selected punishing and family judge after suitability, and furnished extensive housing promotion programs.

On its arrangement any discrimination was forbidden by homosexual ones by coworkers of the city administration.

Cook tried several times to attain the acknowledgment for it from town center the Council to. Nevertheless it supported 1985 the locking of the bath houses for gay, who wähnte the New Yorker healthy combination as dangerous because of the spreading of AIDS. The regulation on rights of gays in the following year brought the city into a dilemma, when it meant that the bath houses are to be opened again. Some heterosexual Sexclubs - everything in front „the Plato's Retreat “- were at the same time in co-operation with the city and contrary to mentioned bath houses were not closed, what naturally hurt the again put on equal rights law. In order to adjust this unfairness, the healthy combination instructed to close also these entertainment houses (also the Plato's Retreat, which thereupon to Ford Lauderdale, Florida moved and called itself Plato's Repeat there).

Under cook the city administration came into a bad light as itself two of its close familiar ones, Donald Manes and Stanley Friedman, when corrupt put out. Shortly thereafter it suffered an impact accumulation in the year 1987 during its term of office as a mayor, could however its Amtspfichten further fulfill.

In the years after its last term of office it became partner of the lawyer office of Robinson, Silverman, Peatce, aero son and Berman LLP (today Bryan Cave LLP) and was active as commentator, particularly for politics, in addition, for films and restaurants in magazines, radio and television. Beside a Gastprofessur to the New York University it played also the role of a judge in a court transmission on the television (“The People's Court”) as a successor of original occupation (Judge Wapner).

Together with its sister Pat cook Thaler it published the Kinderbuch “Eddie Harold's little bread ago”.

In March 1999 it suffered a smaller cardiac infarct.

Cook was always registered to the participation in the democratic preselections in the voter register, but it stood as a candidate to 1981 with the mayor preselections both and democrat and and republicans. As a democrat often that got rather links politics out of order, by supporting the death penalty and forming themselves as eager advocates of Law and order politics. Thus it used the police to proceed around against homeless people and forbade playing radios in undergrounds and penalties. This attitude for his part led to heavy criticism on the part of the local federation of the American civil Liberties union and also from many prominent representatives Afro Americans (above all Reverend aluminium Sharpton).

It demonstrated also violent loving for the city New York, which sometimes degenerated to the extreme. For example it set 1984 strictly against a second preselection for New York with the reason, it the population into two halves would split. Another time, in January 1987, than the straight New York Giants national the football League had won and in the city its traditional triumphant advance to make wanted, it refused that, by it after Moonachie (in new jersey, where the Giants holds its Heimspiele) referring.

After its term of office it has above all republican Kanditaten such as Rudolph Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg as a mayor, aluminium D'Amato as U.S. Senator, George Pataki as governor and 2003 also George W. Bush as presidents recommended. , he supported 1980, still as mayors Ronald Reagan with the elections against Jimmy Carter, which could decide Reagan for itself.

As a Jew it writes now over Israel and against Antisemitismus. Further he works at the conservative magazine new max and emerges also in Michael of moorland documentation Fahrenheit 9/11 , where he defends president Bush and the war in Afghanistan and in the Iraq.


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