Edward Michael Pakenham

Sir Edward “Ned” Michael Pakenham K.B. (* 19. To March 1778 in Pakenham resound, county Westmeath, Ireland; † 8. January 1815 with new Orleans, Louis IANA, the USA) was one of the most capable British generals of the napoleonischen era.


EdwardMichael Pakenham

he was the second son second baron Longford. Its sister Kitty was since 1805 the wife Arthur Wellesleys, the 1. Duke of Wellington.

Ned became to 28. May 1794 second lieutenant of the 92nd Foot and three days late captain of the sameRegiment. (It was officer patents to usually buy at that time). To 6. Decembers of the same yearly he became a major of the 33rd Dragoons (Dragoon) and at the 1. January 1798 to the 23rd Dragoons shifts. Also it achieved following ranks fast: Lieutenant colonel (17. October 1799), Colonels(25. October 1809) and major general (1. January 1812).

It served the later 1 in Spain and Southern France in different uses under its brother-in-law . Duke of Wellington against the napoleonischen troops and showed itself there as one of the most capable generals. In thatBattle with Salamanca it led spades clay/tone third division (“The fighting division”) and the victorious exit was to be owed substantially to its decided guidance.

After death general Ross 'before Baltimore he transferred the command over the British troops to North America, where he 1815in the battle of new Orleans against the troops of the American general and later president Andrew Jackson fell.

A fixed image was established to it in honours, that today in the pc. Paul's Cathedral in London stands.

Lieutenant General Sir Hercules Robert Pakenham G.C.B. (1781-1850) was itsBrother.


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