Edwin Abbott Abbott

Edwin Abbott Abbott (* 20. December 1838; † 12. October 1926) was an English head master, theologian and a writer. Admits became it by its mathematical satire Flatland of 1884.

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London School and sp John's college in Cambridge visited lives and work Abbott, where it studied old philology, mathematics and theology with honor and Fellow of the college became. 1862 it was ordiniert. 1865 it became at the age of only 26 years head masters of the town center OF London School. 1876 it was Hulsean more lecturer.

Abbott went 1889 into the retirement and dedicated themselves to literary and theological efforts. Abbotts liberal attitude to theology were visible in its books and its lectures. Its Shakespeare 'sche grammar of 1870 is a lasting contribution to the English philology. 1885 it published a Biografie over Francis Bacon. Its theological writings contain also three anonymous published religious dear novels: Philochristus (1878), Onesimus (1882) and Sitanus (1906).

Important contributions were its likewise anonymous published theological discourses the core and the bowl (1886), Philomythus (1891), its book the English career cardinal Newman (1892) and its article the gospels in the ninth expenditure of the Encyclopædia Britannica, in which it represented a critical point of view, which caused noticeable excitement in the English theological world. Further works were pc. Thomas's von Canterbury, its life and its miracles (1898), Johannine Vocabulary (1905) and Johannine Grammar (1906).

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