Edwin Hubble

Edwin Powell Hubble (* 20. November 1889 in Marshfield, Missouri; † 28. September 1953 in San Marino, California) was an US-American astronomer.


Hubble studied physics and astronomy in Chicago as well as jurisprudence in Oxford.

After it had already made 1912 as a student at the Flagstaff observatory first experiences with the relative velocity of these two star systems, it could prove 1923 at the Mount Wilson observatory that the Andromedanebel M31far outside of our Milky Way lies. , He submitted the results of its observations and computations, Cepheids in spiral Nebulae to the turn of the year 1924/25 of the annual convention of the US-American astronomer combination CARRION , where her at the 1. Were announced to January 1925.

Due to that, Hubbles most well-known contribution resulted spatial distribution of other galaxies , as well as their red shift provable in the spectrum to the astronomy: the discovery of the expansion of the universe.

Hubble discovered that the spectra of different galaxies not in equal parts in the redor in the blue it is shifted, but that there are substantially many more red-shifted spectra. From the Doppler effect it can be therefore derived that nearly all observed galaxies depart from us. Thus, Hubble also a direct proportional connection did not discover enoughbetween the red shift and the distance of the observed galaxy, what is distant meant that a galaxy moves all the faster from us away, all the far it. From these observations it derived the expansion of the universe later,with the Big Bang model to be outstanding explained could. The size, which describes this expansion, is called it in honours the Hubble constant. It amounts to after current measurement by WMAP in the year 2003 71±4 km/s per Megaparsec (1 Mpc ~ 3 million light-years).

The Hubble Weltraumteleskop (haste) was likewise designated after it. Through of the terrestrial atmosphere unimpaired observation possibilities can take up its CCD - sensors finest details of the planets and star systems.


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