Efim Geller

Dr. Efim Geller (Ukrainian: ЕфимГеллер wiss. Transkription: Efim Geller, also Russian: ЕфимПетровичГеллер, wiss. Transkription: Efim Petrovič Geller; * 2. March 1925 in Odessa; † 17. November 1998 in Moscow) was an important Ukrainian - Soviet chess large master.

Geller, an attained a doctorate economist (in accordance with K. Lindörfer, large chess encyclopedia), found chess, its passion lay relative to late allegedly before in the basketball. At the beginning of the 50's it made the chess world on itself attentive. 1949 it won in low-reads the semi-final to the USSR championship, in the same year divided it with the USSR championship the 3. and 4. Place. it divided 1951 the 2. and 3. Place with the national championship and was sent from the USSR chess federation to the interzone tournament to Stockholm 1952. Its fourth place with this tournament qualified it to the candidate tournament 1953 in Zurich and Neuhausen. Its 7. Place with this tournament was honourable. 1955 he became USSR master for the first time. 1956 he was again participant with the candidate tournament in Amsterdam, where he more divided 3. to 7. became.

1962 became Geller behind Robert James Fischer with the interzone tournament in Stockholm of second, together with the later world champion Tigran Petrosjan. With the following candidate tournament in Curacao it divided place 2 and 3 place - in this tournament a positive result succeeded to it against Robert James Fischer: (+2-1=1).

Also in the next cycle Geller to the candidates, arrived. 1965 (the regulation had been changed - one played now matches in place of a large tournament) it in the quarter final ex world champion Wassili Smyslow with 5,5-2,5 defeated, but was subject it in the quarter final Boris Spasski, the after times provokes the world champion, with 2,5-5,5.

1968 it was subject to the later world champion Boris Spasski in the quarter final with 2,5-5,5, it

already qualified itself also 1970 by its 3. , But he also this time already failed to place in the interzone tournament in Palma for the candidate fights in the quarter final. Viktor Kortschnoi defeated it 5,5-2,5. This was its last attempt to arrive among the candidates for the world champion throne. 1972 it sekundierte Boris Spasski during its title defense against Robert James Fischer. 1979 he became for the second time USSR master.

Geller is entered chess history as the players, the one positive balance against the world champions Mikhail Botwinnik (+4 =5 -1), Robert James Fischer (+5 =2 -3), Wassili Smyslow (+11 =31 -7) and Tigran Petrosjan (+6 =33 -2) exhibits. Oh mark participated it in interzone tournaments, seven times won it with the USSR with chess Olympiads the gold medal. 1979 it won the USSR championship as 54-jähriger; succeeded this to no player before over 50 years.

Mikhail Tal expressed once the opinion that Geller would have obtained a importantly better result in its career, if the Second World War had not come between them.

1948 the then

  • unknown Geller won highlights of its career with the Soviet crew championship for the Urkaine all six portions.
  • it received the large master title to 1952 for its success in Budapest.
  • With the interzone tournament 1955 in Göteborg he (nearly at the same time with Keres and Spasski ) disproved one of Argentine masters prepared variant in the Najdorf variant; this play is called since then the Göteborger variant.

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