Egil Gjelland

Egil Gjelland (* 12. November 1973 in Voss) is one the most constant Norwegian Biathleten.

Already since 1995 that mixes together extremely safe Staffelläufer Gjelland in the Worldcup and with so far relatively good success. Its past best performance is those the season 2000/2001 with a sieved rank. Good single results are to be always expected with it, but outstanding placements remained until recently goods in short supply.

In its gloss season 2000/2001 Gjelland could run three times on the landing, its first victory celebrated it however only to 17. December 2004 in the pursuit of Östersund. Thus it completed a mad career, with the high point of the olympia victory in the Biathlon relay of 2002. Together with oils Einar Bjørndalen, Halvard Hanevold and Frode Andresen he won this running sovereign, but many people mean that Gjelland was the crucial factor in the relay. 2005 won Gjelland with the WM gold in the relay. Is married Gjelland with the Biathletin Ann Elen Skjelbreid, the sister of live Grete Poirée. Since October 2004 he is lucky father of a daughter (Kristi).


  • olympic winter plays:
    • 1998: 1x silver (relay)
    • 2002: 1x gold (relay)
  • world championships:
    • 1997: 1x silver (relay)
    • 1998: 1x gold (crew)
    • 2000: 1x silver (relay)
    • 2001: 1x bronze (relay)
    • 2004: 1x silver (relay)
    • 2005: 1x gold (relay)
  • Gesamtweltcup:
    • 1x place 7 (2000/01)
  • Weltcupsiege:
    • 1 (conditions: 17. December 2004)


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