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Egon Krenz at the memorial for pink Luxembourg and Karl dear farmhand to 08. January 2005

Egon Krenz (* 19. March 1937 in Kolberg) was a chairman GDR - of the child federation pioneer organization Ernst Thälmann, the GDR youth organization Free one German Youth (FDJ), high-ranking functionarythe GDR state party a socialist unit party of Germany (SED) and 1989, the year of the turn in the GDR, for few weeks as a successor Erich of Honecker SED Secretary-General and Council of State chairman of the GDR.

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childhood, training and military service

to 19. March 1937 was born Egon Krenz in Kolberg (Pommern ) as a son of a cutter. It moved with its parents 1944 after Damgarten . 1953became it member in the Free German Youth (FDJ). Egon Krenz broke off fitter teachings and studied from 1953 to 1957 at Institut for teacher formation in PUT bus on Rügen and locked with the state examination . 1955 it was accepted to the socialist unit party of Germany (SED).From 1957 to 1959 Krenz carried out its military service in the national People's Army (NVA) in Prora on Rügen off. 1958 was it delegates of the party organization of the NVA to V. Party Congress of the SED.

ascent in youth organization and a party

Egon Krenz became first2. , then 1. Circle secretary of the FDJ in the district Rügen. Starting from 1960 it was 1. Secretary of the semidirect line Rostock of the FDJ. 1961 he became a secretary of the Central Council of the FDJ and was responsible for the work of the youth federation on the universities, high and technical schools. Of 1964 until 1967 Krenz at the party university of the central committee of the CPSU in Moscow studied and locked with the state examination as a diploma society scientist. Subsequently, (from 1967 to 1974) it was responsible to secretary of the Central Council of the FDJ, for agitation and propaganda as well as for the work of the FDJat the schools. At the same time he worked from 8. February 1971 to 9. January 1974 as a chairman of the pioneer organization Ernst Thälmann. Was from 1971 to 1990 Egon Krenz of delegates of the people chamber of the GDR. Were from 1971 to 1981 it in addition member of the presidency of the people chamber.Starting from 1973 Egon Krenz member of the central committee ( ZK) was the SED. From 1974 to 1983 it held the highest function in the only legal Jugendorganistation the GDR as a first secretary of the Central Council of the FDJ. From 1981 to 1984 Krenz member of the Council of State was thatGDR.1983 he was selected to the member of the Politbüros and secretary of the ZK of the SED. With the appointment as the deputy of the chairman of the Council of State Krenz became 1984 the second man behind Erich Honecker.


Krenz was 1989 as a director/conductor of the centersElectoral committee responsible for the result falsifications with the local election with. For bloody striking down of the student rebellion at the place of the Himmli peace in Peking Krenz expressed itself in June 1989 with the words: „it was somewhat done, around the order to restore “. In October 1989 sat downKrenz as a responsible person ZK-secretary for safety questions and Wortführer within the recent forces in the SED party leadership for a peaceful reaction of the security forceses with on Mondays demonstrations .

To 18. October 1989 became Krenz Secretary-General of the ZK of the SED and successors of Erich Honecker, that the resignationby the Politbüro suggested was. In its inaugural speech Krenz coined/shaped the term turn: First only as slight change of the existing system meant, the word became fast the synonym for the paging situation and the peaceful revolution in the GDR.

Krenz became to 24. Octoberin addition chairmen of the Council of State and the national defence council of the GDR. It left the Ghetto for the members of the SED Politbüros forest settlement Wandlitz with its wife and its two children with Berlin.

At the 3. December withdrew the Politbüro of the ZK of the SED (including Egon Krenz) closed.Krenz gave to 6. December the presidency of the Council of State off. In January 1990 it laid down its people chamber mandate and from (in the meantime renamed) the SED-PDS (under Gregor Gysi) was excluded.

processing of the GDR past by courts of the German Federal Republic

Autogrammkarte Januar 1990</br>(eigene Sammlung)
autograph map January 1990< /br>(own collection)

after 1991 appeared to Egon Krenz as a witness during different processes against former representatives of the GDR. it denied 1992 in its function as highest returning officers of the GDR the systematic election frauds to have noticed. 1993 it argued the responsibility of the former members of the GDR defence council for conditionsat the German domestic border off. Starting from 1993 the public prosecutor's office determined border troops against refugees (fatal shots at the German domestic border) and causing the election fraud against Krenz because of the weapon use of the GDR -.

Accusation because of „homicide and joint responsibility for the border regime raised the citizens of Berlin public prosecutor's office in June 1993the GDR “. Egon Krenz called the accusation because of the deaths „condition and contrary to international law “. Also in February 1996 he denied the right to the law of the German Federal Republic to sit over former citizens of the GDR to court. In June 1997 Krenz before court regretted on the one hand the victimsat the German domestic border, however on the other hand its responsibility knows back. In August the large criminal court in the regional court condemned Berlin Egon Krenz because of homicide in four cases to a detention of six years and six months. Due to a detention complaint he came however in September to 18Days from the detention freely. In November the procedure was stopped because of election fraud against it.

In November 1999 the Federal High Court confirmed the detention against Krenz because of the fatal shots at the wall and rejected thereby the revision against the judgement of 1997. Egon Krenz designated thatJudgement as „cold war in the court room “. Its constitutional complaint became from the Federal Constitutional Court at the 11. January 2000 rejected. Its detention had it to 13. January in the penal institution Berlin - hook field begin. To 24. January was shifted Egon Krenz into the penal institution Berlin Plötzensee.

Condemned to 6 ½ years detention,became it to 18. Decembers 2003 - after not completely four years - on arrangement citizens of Berlin of the Court of Appeal dismiss prematurely and the remainder of the punishment on the probation suspended. It was already longer Freigänger in the free execution and had only at night into the institute for detention. During the dayKrenz at the airport Berlin Tegel was busy at the Germania airline, where he should sell cast-off airplanes to Russia. Last it had 21 days vacation in the year, which it spent at the Baltic Sea. There also its wife lives.

Since its release from custody he lives in the Mecklenburgian Baltic Sea bath Dierhagen (local part “Dierhagen east”) in a mansion directly behind the Baltic Sea dyke and in a dwelling (Lessing road) in nearby convenient Ribnitz Damgarten.


was there Egon Krenz with Dean Reed friendly, a US musician, that from love into the GDR pulled and throughSelf selbsttötung deceased, interviewte it to Tom Hanks in preparation of a possible film over these.


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