Egron Sellif Lundgren

Egron Sellif Lundgren (* 18. December 1815 in Stockholm; † 23. December 1875 ebenda) was a Swedish painter and writer.

With twenty years 1835 Lundgren at the academy of arts of its hometown began to study. After its conclusion it followed 1839 Paris, where it became two years pupils in the studio of Léon Cogniet. Subsequently, Lundgren went to Italy and left themselves for eight years into Rome. There it gave up to oil marks and turned to the water color and Gouachemalerei. From Italy it wentitself to Spain and from here to England. By queen Viktoria he got numerous orders, whose first scenes from Shakespeares comedies had to the article.

When the war in India broke 1858 off, a house in Manchester made the request for it to go at its expense there,in order to make designs from the campaign. Returning home with a briefcase of 500 pictures, he organized an exhibition and ward consequently one of the “thirty” society of the OF painters in water colours.

1860 it returned to Sweden, visited late Egypt and Spain as well as England tosecond times. The two letztern countries offered most motives to it to its pictures, which are almost all in England. One praises its large rule over the finest nuances of the colors, its fate, to understand rapid and with few courses the effect of color and lightto give to meet in particular the characteristic while the design is not correct everywhere. As its call as water colorist in England that of the spirit-rich Reisebeschreibers is just as large in Sweden.

At the age of 60 years Egron Sellif Lundgren died to 23. December 1875 in Stockholm.


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