Ehm withered

Ehm withered (* 29. August 1884 in Biesenbrow (today local part of the city meadow-flows); † 19. December 1966 in bath Doberan) was a German writer.

Ehm withered born as a son of a farmer into Biesenbrow with meadow-flow. After the attendance of the village school it completed commercial training, drove to sea and worked journalistically for different newspapers. So and. A. in Braunschweig for „the Braunschweiger general indicator “, whose editor-in-chief was he from 1910 to 1919. Subsequently, he worked for „the Braunschweiger morning paper “.

During this time he experienced directly the November revolution in Braunschweig also. Its experiences formed later the basis for the novel „in the morning fog “, which describes material events and persons in the Braunschweig of that time in little coded form. The novel, on which withered worked for a long time, was present finally 1940 as manuscript , however only 1953 in the GDR was published.

Beyond that withered was 1919 initial member of the German people's party (DVP) in Braunschweig.

1922 it traveled to the USA and to South America, one year later returned it to Germany and worked than writer and journalist particularly to Berlin and environment.

Two revolutionary dramas thunderstorms over God country (1926) and cross acceptance (1927) released scandals and had - despite their success at the public - from the play plan to disappear.

1934 brought it in the Green to post office, under whom alias Thomas trim asks a word at Joseph Goebbels of arranged articles Mr. Reichsminister! for short time in the KZ Oranienburg. After its release he got professional disqualification.

Ehm withered pulled 1935 in the Spreewald, was allowed then also again to write, however only “unpolitical books”. At this time the success novels the heaths of Kummerow ( 1937), the life clock God-dear of the Grambauer ( 1938) and the fair ones of Kummerow ( 1943) developed, which describe the life in north German villages with much humor. (One assumes today that in the person of the Martin Grambauer is auto+biographic courses of the author.)

after 1945 withered for a few years its literary career left. It remained in the GDR and created in Mecklenburg six people's highschools. 1946 he became a director of a people's highschool in Schwerin.

1950 it pulled after bath Doberan and turned again to the letter. It received different honors of the GDR (among other things 1954 the national price), honour citizen of the cities bath Doberan became and meadow-flows. 1956 he became an honour doctor and 1964 professor of the University of grab forest.

Ehm withered died 1966 in bath Doberan.

Before the Second World War Ehm withered was often compared with the “hunger minister ” William Raabe, in addition, with Gustav Freytag. In the GDR above all “the heaths by Kummerow” and “the fair ones remained by Kummerow” popular to last; they were considered there as German counterpart to Guareschis narrations over “Don Camillo and Peppone”. The film “the heaths of Kummerow and their merry capers” was 1967 one of the few Gemeinschaftsproduktionen of GDR and FRG. The DEFA filmed the material 1982 even again. Again motives of both “Kummerow” became - novels uses. The GDR put the remaining works Welks after its death partially. strongly changes again up, in order to bring it thereby into the original condition, since the first editions of the books published in the “third realm” were changed by “LV lectors”.

works (selection)

  • thunderstorm over Gotland (drama, 1927)
  • cross acceptance (drama, 1927)
  • Michael Knobbe or the hole in the face (comedy, 1931)
  • the black sun (biography Emin pashas, 1933)
  • the heaths of Kummerow (novel over a village youth, 1937)
  • the life clock God-dear of the Grambauer (historical novel: “One century of Prussian-German history observed from a far village angle” (preface), 1938)
  • the high instruction (historical novel from the First World War over German prisoners of war in Russia, 1939)
  • the wondrous friendship (of humans and animals, 1940)
  • the fair ones of Kummerow (novel - continuation of “the heaths of Kummerow” -, 1943)
  • the quiet companions (thought about the life with animals, 1943)
  • the night man - history of a travel between strokes and ( 1949) my
  • country, the far does not shine over there (novel, 1952)
  • in the morning fog (novel over the November revolution in Braunschweig, 1953)
  • Hüsung (film film script, 1954)
  • Courage W/S (grotesque sailor stories, 1955)
  • the hammer wants to be handled (narrations, 1958)
  • the wackere bold man from Puttelfingen (sow-Irish novel, 1959)

to literature

  • Inge-borrow Gerlach: Ehm withered: „In the morning fog “. Emergence and Rezeption of the novel. In: Braunschweigi yearbook, volume 75, Braunschweig 1994
  • Konrad realm: Ehm withered: Stations of a life. Rostock: Hinstorff, 1976

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