Honour cross for front fighter

the honour cross for front fighters is a military medal from the time of the national socialism for the participants and victims of the First World War.


in July 1934 donated the German realm Reich on suggestion of realm president Paul von Hindenburg the honour cross as earnings/service medal for the former front fighters, war participants and survivors of the world war. The charter of foundation became to 13. July 1934 signatoryly by the realm president, the publication took place two days later in the realm law gazette. The honour cross was assigned in three remarks: a) Honour cross for front fighter, b) honour cross for war participants and C) honour cross for survivors. Award all former soldiers , those were fought at the front and/or. in the war had participated, and all survivors, whose married men, fathers or sons in the war were fallen. The award of the medal had to be requested and took place personally or postum via the city administrations, police headquarters or other higher places of the realm. The honour cross for front fighters was lent as can be prove at 6.202.883 persons (conditions 1936), the estimations for the total number goes up to 10.000.000 honors until 1945. About 1.000.000 copies became at war participants and approx. 700,000 pieces to survivors spent.

form and production

the form of the cross is 3.7 x 3.7 cm a large, bronziertes paw cross, which resembles the iron cross. It is with 2.8 mm broad Bordierung of the cross arms and crosswise standing standard an eye at the upper arm provided. On the front a laurel ring with a loop, opened upward, is shown, which is enough into the lower cross arm. In the wreath/ring among themselves the years are located „1914 “and „to 1918 “, and the cross is underlaid with two diagonally crossed swords. The execution for war participants is provided with an oak ring, in addition the swords are missing as indications of the front employment. The same form, but black and with other volume, received the survivors paint from Weltkriegsofpern. Because of the high number of items different companies manufactured the honor.


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