Ehrenlegion, franz. la Légion d'honneur, is a medal, the 1802 of Napoleon I. after the model older monarchischer medal, e.g. the English trousers volume medal or the habsburgischen medal by the golden fleece, one donated. The Ehrenlegion is since then of France of most outstanding medals and became afterNapoleons' fall of the different following regimes maintain. Today is their head of the presidents of the republic, which is by its office large master.

The Ehrenlegion knows several ranks or stages, those in each case the “medal concerned”, i.e. the visible honor, corresponds:

Offizierskreuz der Ehrenlegion in Gold, III. Republik um 1880
Officer cross of the Ehrenlegion in gold, III.Republic around 1880
  1. knights (Chevalier, was called first, until 1808, “Legionär”)
  2. officer (Officier)
  3. commander (Commandeur, first, until 1816, “commander”)
  4. large officer (grand more officier)
  5. large cross (Grand Croix, justifies as the highest class with decree of 30. January 1805, designation “large cross” with decree of 26. March 1816)

Since 1816 it gave no changes at the hierarchy or at the designations to more.

The first award of the medal of the Ehrenlegion found to 24. September 1803 instead of. The first large chancellor was a natural scientist Berne pool of broadcasting corporations de Lacépède, the first treasurer the general and Minister Dejean.

The medal is lent to approximately two thirds at soldiers, to a third to other citizens. It gives in each case up to 75 carriers of the large cross, 250 large officers, to 1,250 commanders, 10,000 officers and100,000 knights. The French Ministries convey their suggestions to the large master in accordance with a quotation.

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museum of the Ehrenlegion

the palace Salm built for the prince Friedrich III of Salm Kyrburg is since that 13. May 1804 seat of the Ehrenlegion and accommodates their museum.

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