Ehud Barak

Barak (l.) mit Jassir Arafat (r.) und Bill Clinton in Oslo
Barak (l.) with Jassir Arafat (R.) and Bill Clinton in Oslo

Ehud Barak (Hebrew: אהודברק; * 12. February 1942 in the Kibbuz Mishmar HaSharon) is a former general and a today's Israeli politician of the Avoda.

It was as 10. Prime Minister Israels from 1999 to 2001 and as 12. Minister of foreign affairs of Israel of 1995-1996 and again as acting ministers of foreign affairs in the year 2000 in the office.


Barak occurred 1959 Tzahal and served there 35 years. In this time it rose toto the Raw Aluf and thus into the highest rank of the Israeli army up. Barak was honoured with the medal for extraordinary service and four other honors. In addition it received an academic degree from the Hebrew university in Jerusalem and from the Stanford University.

In the processits political career held Barak different offices. He was Minister of the Interior (1995) and minister of foreign affairs (1995 1996). In the year 1996 he was selected into the Knesset, where he worked in the committee for outside and defense policy. In the same year he became a boss that Israeli labour party.

To 17. May 1999 was selected Ehud Barak to the Israeli Prime Minister. It tried to bring the peace process with the Palestinians, which was guessed/advised during the reign of its predecessor Benjamin Netanjahu in coming to a hold, again on. A break-through succeeded however due to of theDistrust of both sides not. The negotiations in Camp David with Jassir Arafat failed. In its term of office the Israeli army from the south Lebanon withdrew itself, which occupied it kept since the Lebanon campaign 1982. As to 28. September 2000 the opposition leader at that time Ariel Scharon the temple mountainvisited and thereupon the second Intifada or aluminium-Aqsa-Intifada broke off, Barak with its politics had failed and had hardly more support in the population. With the prematurely set choice to 29. January 2001 it was subject to Ariel Scharon, which followed it in the office of the Israeli Prime Minister.

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