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Ehud Olmert (* 30. September 1945 in Binyamina, Israel) is an Israeli politician (Kadima) and since 11. April 2006 Prime Minister Israels. The office business already led it since the evening 4. January 2006, after Ariel Scharon had suffered a heavy impact accumulation and at the 11. April as government unable was formally explained.

Ehud Olmert with a speech in São Paulo, 2005
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Olmert originates from a Russian immigrant family. Its father grew up in China. It served Bamachane in the Israeli defense army (IDF) as an officer in an infantry combat unit and was Militärkorrespondent for the IDF journal. It graduated at the Hebrew university of Jerusalem with conclusions in psychology, philosophy and law. It even successfully practiced as a lawyer.

Olmert is married with the artist Alisa Olmert and has four children. He speaks Hebrew and English.


Ehud Olmert were selected in the year 1973 for the Likud into the respected Knesset and red-elect six times one behind the other for the first time. It was represented in the agenda, condition, law, state control, external/defense, financial, education/culture and interior/environmental committee. It served its party as a treasurer. 1999 provoked Olmert Ariel Scharon as a party chairman of the Likud , failed however with the party-internal elections. Because it many Likud members took badly, it drew straight still in such a way on one of the rear list places into the parliament.

In the years 1981 - 1988 were Olmert as the Knessetmitglied with the third-highest length of service senior in rank the member of the prestigious foreign and safety committee. During its career as a member of the Knesset it was as Ministers without Portfolio in the cabinet under Jitzhak Schamir (12. Knesset/23. Government) (1988-1992) responsibly for minorities (1988-1990), later it became minister of health (1990-1992) (24. Government). Its time as ministers of health remained because of the extensive reforms of the health system, which it initiated, in memory.

mayors Jerusalems: 1993-2003

in the November of the yearly 1993 struck Olmert its legendary rival candidate teddy Kollek and became a mayor Jerusalems (with a majority of 60%). During its first office period the status Jerusalems came by opening of the quarter of Har Choma and an antique tunnel under the temple mountain into the field of vision of the public interest. Olmert defended at this time the point of view of large Israel including the integrity completely Jerusalems under Israeli control and rejected each concession to the Palestinians, who stress East Jerusalem as capital of a future Palestinian state. This ideological adjustment settled also in its politics. Consistently it led a hard policy of the deprivation of citizenship of Palestinians from the East part of the city through (“Deportation” satisfied). Olmert takes up for itself many initiatives and improvements of large city projects to have tackled. During its nine years in the office Olmert strove around the development and improvement of the urban educating system, which is the largest and most expensive in completely Israel. Besides at large material expenditure the infrastructure was improved.

In September 2002 Olmert, a close friend of its former New Yorker colleague Rudolph Giuliani, fears, expressed could to one with the notice of the 11. Septembers 2001 comparable notice in Jerusalem come.

Ehud Olmert returned in November 1998 to dress after which introduction of a law, which forbids it to the members of the Knesset, at the same time public offices and after he had been red-elect as a mayor von Jerusalem with a majority of 62%, its Knessetmandat. After its re-election into the Knesset in the year 2003 it gave its office up in February 2003 as a mayor.

Ministers of Trade, industrie and deputy Prime Minister: starting from 2003

in February 2003 Ehud Olmert was appointed industry and Minister of Trade as well as the deputy Prime Minister (16. Knesset, 30. Government). Since that 29. September 2003 he is also a communication Minister. In this function it supports the departure plan of Israel from parts of the occupied areas. It is moved away like Scharon from the ideology large Israel and occurs for the fact that the Israeli state specifies its borders on one side finally. Olmert is considered in the meantime as close trusted friends and language pipe Ariel Scharons.

To 7. He took over August 2005 after the resignation Benjamin Netanjahus additionally the line of the Treasury. After the reestablishment of the Kadima - a party by Ariel Scharon withdrew also Olmert into this party changed and from the Likud. To 16. January 2006 was selected Olmert on a delegate conference to the chairman of the Kadima.

After Ariel Scharons heavy impact accumulation to 4. January 2006 took over Olmert the Regierungsgeschäfte as an Prime Minister provisionally. It does not have arrogance the paternal image Scharons and it occasionally is accused, but it won the elections of 2006 and becomes in all probability a new Prime Minister. In the choice evening he explained before trailers in Jerusalem: I am ready to give the dream of a large Israel up. Meant that he wants to specify the borders of Israel until 2010 without co-operation with the Palestinians engültig, also by it giving settlements up in the West Jordan territory, about which approximately a third of the today there living 240,000 settlers would be concerned.

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