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Wappen der Stadt Eichstätt Deutschlandkarte, Position von Eichstätt hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Bavaria
governmental district: Upper Bavaria
district: Calibrate-corrode
surface: 47.84 km ²
inhabitants: 12.964 (30. June 2005)
Population density: 271 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 371-534 m and. NN
postal zip codes: 85072, 85067 (p.o. box)
preselection: 08421
geographical location:
Coordinates: 48° 52 ' N, 11° 10 ' O
48° 52 ' N, 11° 10 ' O
Kfz characteristics: EGG
municipality key: 09 1 76 123
of the city administration:
Market place 11
85072 calibrate-corrode
official Internet side:
E-Mail address:
mayor: Arnulf Neumeyer (SPD)

is calibrate-corroded Large district town in the district of the same name, governmental district Upper Bavaria. The city is calibrate-corroded seat of the Diözese and the catholic University of Eichstätt Ingolstadt.

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Geographical location

the university town calibrate-corroded lies in the nature park Altmühltal and is calibrate-corroded large district town as well as seat of the district. The catholic university calibrate-corroded its seat, calibrate-corroded is the smallest university town of Europe there. It lies in the heart Bayerns, between Munich and Nuremberg. Calibrate-corroded is considered as principal place of the largest German nature park, nature park the Altmühltal. In the north of the city is Frankish law, the city is been because of the river Altmühl. Calibrate-corrodes the northernmost district of the governmental district is political Upper Bavaria. Culturally however belonged calibrate-corroded inits history to all three Bavarian regions:Old Bavaria, Franken and Swabia. The Altmühlstadt is thus culturally a pot between all three regions. Due to its numerous baroque buildings calibrate-corroded also the “Bavarian Florenz “is called.

city arrangement

beside the town center consists calibrate-corroded of the historical suburbs:

  • Book valley suburb
  • east suburb
  • hospital suburb/woman Mrs.
  • west suburb

as well as the following incorporations:

  • Beech cladding
  • land yards
  • Marienstein Rebdorf/Blumenberg
  • water cell
  • winter yard

in the second half of the20. Century developed the following land development:

  • Castle mountain
  • Eichendorffstrasse
  • Heidingsfelderweg
  • land yard settlement
  • Seidlkreuz
  • wine-leads (“small Jerusalem”)
  • industrial area being


sees also: List of the bishops of calibrate-corroded


the first traces by humans in the area of calibrate-corroded date on 10. Millenium v.Chr.

early history

already in the resounding place time (8. - 6. Jh. v. Chr.) and the time of the Celts (“La-Tene-time “starting from 5. Jh. v. Chr.) was a small settlement in calibrate-corroded (approximately in the place of the cathedral), those the name “Eistedd” (probablyfrom the celtic one: Living or Versammlungstätte) carried.


80 to 260 n. Chr.: Part of the province Raetia is calibrate-corroded and accommodates a small Roman settlement, whose situation is unknown however today. North of calibrate-corroded the Limes runs. This becomes in the years 213, 233 and 259 of the Alemannen stormed, and the Romans withdraws themselves over the Danube .

the Middle Ages

modern times

contemporary history

inhabitant development

year inhabitant
1840 8,453
1871 8,586
1900 9.488
1925 9,782
1939 10,092
year inhabitant
1950 12,879
1961 12,484
1970 12,958
1987 11,978
2003 13,100
year inhabitant
2004 12,986


mayor and mayor

to 12. March 2006 foundthe choice, to 26. March 2006 the ballot of the mayor of the large district town calibrate-corrode.

The candidates obtained the following results:

Dr. Achim Janssen, CSU: 2872 voices, 43.77%; Ballot: 3071 voices, 46.57%

Arnulf Neumeyer, SPD: 3125 voices, 47.63%; Ballot: 3524 voices, 53.43%

EH God stone, Free voters: 564 voices, 8.60%

the election turnout 68.39%, with the ballot 68.80% thereby

amounted to are selected the office holder Arnulf Neumeyer as a mayor.

The new office period begins at the 1. May 2006.

town councillor

Zusammensetzung of the town councillor since the local election 2002:

coats of arms

over the green sign foot in red a silver, with two towers flanked town-gate, behind it a greener calibration tree with golden acorns.

A seal of the city becomes already inYears 1256 mentions. The oldest received seal is at a document from the year 1304 and shows above-mentioned coat of arms.

The place calibrate-corroded is mentioned for the first time 740 in connection with the establishment of diocese as “Eihstat”. bishop Erchanbald von König Ludwig the child the market reached 908,Münz and Zollrecht as well as the right to build a castle. The designation city (civitas) is first on coins of bishop Heribert (1022 - 1042), then in a document emperor Heinrichs IV. from the year 1080. On this collection to the city takesthe coat of arms by the illustration of the Stadtummauerung purchase. Since one interpreted the name “calibrate-corroded” as “oak place”, to the coat of arms an oak was taken up; the Eichstätter coat of arms is thus a “talking coat of arms “, which explains the name of the place.

partnerships between cities

Bolca - Italy

Kratzau/Chrastava - Tschechien

further partnerships

Poona - India (Partnerdiözese)


1953 took over the city calibrate-corrode the sponsorship for the refugees Sudeten Germans from the city Kratzau in the circle realm mountain in the Sudetenland.

culture andObjects of interest


  • open air at the mountain
  • small art stage “in the property man”

catholic churches

  • cathedral
  • protection gel church (former Jesuitenkirche)
  • former Dominikanerkloster and Dominikanerkirche pc. Peter
  • Kapelle Maria help
  • Marienkapelle on the woman Mrs.
  • holy spirit hospital church

of monasteries

other religious communities

castles & locks

  • Willibaldsburg
  • former one fürstbischöfliche residence (the place is a baroque building ensemble from rarely closed preservation.)
  • formerly fürstbischöfliche summer residence

of places

  • residence place
  • market place with city hall
  • Leonrodplatz
  • cathedral place
  • Pater Philipp Jenningen place

historical buildings

  • Bischöfliches palace
  • Bischöfliches Ordinariat
  • old city theatre

park & gardens, cemeteries


  • Law museum in the Willibaldsburg (and. A. a fossil Archaeopteryx from Solnhofen and many other petrifying make the museum an enriching).
  • Ur and earlyhistorical museum in the Willibaldsburg
  • Altmühltaler liquor museum
  • diocesan museum with cathedral treasure
  • gallery of the painter Carl Otto Mueller in the district administration office

modern trendArt & architecture

economics and infrastructure

in economic area are calibrate-corroded above all admit by the natural stone industry. In the quarries of the environment the Solnhofener plates ( admits by the lithography ) and the law marble becomewon. The flower mountain with calibrate-corroded is the discovery site one of the probably most famous fossils of the world: citizens of Berlin in such a way specified the copy of the Urvogels Archaeopteryx. Calibrate-corroded up-to-date the city with smallest unemployment is in Germany [work on] catering trade cafe

with an unemployment ratio




in calibrate-corroded the Danube courier with its expenditure for restaurant the Eichstätter appears as daily paperCourier, as magazine among other things „brennessel the magazine “.

Information around Eichstätts university the student radio approximately offers „to radio Pegasus “always Tuesday at 19 o'clock on the frequency of the Ingolstädter of Radiosenders radio IN.

There is not a direct restaurant television station, partly reported in addition, the close-convenient Ingolstädter television stations„intv - the info. channel “, over calibrate-corrode.


beside the university calibrate-corroded gives it in calibrate-corrodes numerous schools, among them the musische Gabrieli High School and the scientific Willibald High School. Further institutions for education are the people's highschool, the partial hauptschule II Eichstätt Schottenau, Maria Ward girl six-form high school of the EnglishMs, the Kolping Bildungswerk and the citizen net association Altmühltal registered association. (AltmuehlNet).


honour citizen

  • Konrad automatic controller, land advice (a.D.) of the district calibrate-corroded

sons and daughters of the city

remarkable persons

in addition worked and work in calibrate-corroded:


pointed name

Sausackschleifer: That After legend the Eichstätter wanted to welcome a new bishop with a sow bag before the town-gate. This was however so large that he did not through-fit by the gate. Therefore the Eichstätter seized to whet-stones and worked on the sow bag to it the appropriate size had. AnotherVersion reports that the sow bag was so large that it did not fit on the tray.

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