A food for the vultures

film data
of German titles: A food for the vultures
original titles: Two Mules for Sister Sara
production country: The USA/Mexico
feature year: 1970
length (PAL - DVD): 109 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 16
direction: Don seal
film script: Budd Boetticher (story), Albert Maltz
production: Carroll Case, Martin Rackin
music: Ennio Morricone
camera: Gabriel Figueroa
cut: Juan José Marino, Robert F. Shugrue

a food for the vultures is an sow-Irish Western of the US-American director Don seal.

contents of

Hogan, a word-meager American mercenary and Sara, one as a nun disguised geschwätzige prostitute fight on sides of the Mexican independence fighters against the Frenchmen and help these to take a French away.


although the film a US-American-Mexican Coproduktion was not to survey are loans with the Italowestern. Both the cynicism and humor and, the equipment and also history are clear vouchers for it.

Hauptdarstellerin Shirley MacLaine could not begin anything with its partner Clint Eastwood and director Don seal, and so she avoided contacts with the two outside of the trick. With seal it is to have delivered some open verbal engagements.

Originally Elizabeth Taylor wanted to play the role of the Sara. It showed Eastwood the film script, as these 1968 in Austria with its man (at that time) smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Burton the film agent dies lonely turned. However the Paramount did not want to fulfill the Gageforderung of the Taylor.

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