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purchase purchase is an activity for the procurement of products, can the department of an enterprise designate.

By purchase one understands all activities of an enterprise, on it aims at materials and goods to procure, which it can not manufacture or wants.

Procurement are all activities of an enterprise, which aim at, the enterprise materials to make services and information available.

Purchase and procurement are not to be regarded nowadays any more than pure operational elements, but when management philosophies, which pursue strategic goals for reaching the business goals. Strategic goals are measures in the present, which concern themselves with goals and problems of the future. In the procurement management one serves of the most diverse instruments around these goals to reach itself. For this z count. B. ABC analyses, Portfolios, procurement market study and much more besides. The operational purchase is usually limited to administrative activities like an ordering of goods and services and the account control.

The procurement is part of the logistic chain (Supply chain). It represents the link between procurement market and enterprise as well as to the internal flow of material in the own enterprise. The procurement is by means of its instruments in a the position to take on market events directly and indirectly influence. It represents the link between enterprises and the suppliers and regulates physical transport.

Private people and final consumers buy usually over the retail trade . Big consumers and partly also the retail trade are served by the wholesale. Purchase planning happens in the small framework most appropriately with the help of purchase lists.

During the line of business one understands the purchase of the commodity directly by purchase either about a central storage depot (if the business of a chain belonged) or about the producing enterprises by contact to one of its field representatives. The commodity is resold then to the final customer or - in case of a chain - to a branch.

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