an inhabitant is the announced and inhabitant of a municipality or a country registered in the inhabitant reporting file with its data.

In contrast to the inhabitant citizens have and/or. Citizens special rights and obligations. They may participate in political elections. On the other hand they are also selectable. Beyond that they are obligated to take over special tasks for the community e.g. the assumption of an arbitration board.

In historical time first only male adults applied as inhabitants. In us today trusted meaning already begins the use of “inhabitant” in villages of southwest Saxonia around 1700 by the flowing transition from Inwohner (ancient terms for inhabitant: Infrau, Innfrau).

From the above definition the number of inhabitants of a city or a municipality results as sum of the inhabitants with Erstwohnsitz (main domicile) and Zweitwohnsitz (Nebenwohnsitz).

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