advise customers inform retail trade buyer

the activity in the overview of buyers in the retail trade, sell the desired goods and take the selling price. In addition they work in the purchase and stock control, transfer economical tasks to the personal and account system, participate in the Visual Merchandising and in the assortment organization.

Possibilities of employment find buyers in the retail trade in particular in specialist shops, branches or specialized markets. Depending upon kind, size and structure of the enterprise they are active both in the office and in the sales room or in the camp.

The training in the overview

buyer/woman in the retail trade is a recognized teaching profession after the vocational training law (BBiG). It is assigned to the vocational field economics and administration, emphasis marketing and customer advisory service.

The mono occupation is trained without specialization after fields or emphasis in the trade. It has differentiation possibilities by choice qualification units and an assortment.

The training lasts 3 years.


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