Iron ore

of these articles treats iron ore as eisenhältiges rock, for the city in the Steiermark sees iron ore (Steiermark).
Volume iron ore, 2.1 billion iron ores are

years old mixtures of chemical compounds of the iron with not eisenhaltigen rocks (the pace in such a way specified or „deaf “rock). The chemical compoundsthe iron in the iron ore essentially are ferric oxides, i.e. chemical compounds of the iron with oxygen. In small quantities also iron ores are smelted, in which with sulfur ( pyrite ) or unite the iron other elements is connected.

The most important iron ores are Magnetite (to 72% Eisengehalt), Hämatit (until 70% Eisengehalt) and simmer-guessed/advised (to 48% Eisengehalt).

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emergence of iron ore stores

of magma tables emergence

ore stores are frequent magma tables of origin. In geologically active areas magma with a high portion of valuable metals penetrates into the earth's crust. During the cooling of the magma it comes to the efflorescence of the minerals andfor the emergence of ore stores

secondary deposit

iron realms of fusion rocks either are relocated but dissolved or and separated other place one again, for example at black smokers.

iron minerals

use and separate biogenous table bacteria them. It comes to the emergence of Volume ores.

  • if much oxygen was there, iron does not fall out
  • with little oxygen (= few bacteria) falls iron out

in such a way develops for layers of different colouring, therefore the name.

Lawn iron ores are the oldest sources of iron of humans, apart from the very rare iron meteorites, them are easiestdegradably. Close one of the surface precipitates the iron in the soil from eisenhaltigen solutions and enriches themselves. Thereby if Nuggets form, then one speaks of Bohnerzen.

the largest promotion nations

the three most important producing countries for iron ore are Brazil, Australia and China, further supplies are and. A. in Russia, India, Ukraine and the USA (see table).

The largest promotion nations (2001)
rank country deliveries
(in millions t)
Country struggled deliveries
(in millions t)
1 Brazil 196,3 11 Venezuela 19
2 Australia 181,2 12 Kazakhstan 14,1
3 China 109,4 13 Mexico 11,5
4 Russian Föd. 82,5 14 Mauritania 10,3
5 India 79,1 15 Iran 9
6 Ukraine 54,7 16 Chile 8
The 7 USA 46,2 17 Turkey 5,8
8 South Africa 34,3 18 Peru 4,8
9 Canada 30,1 19 Egypt 2,5
10 Sweden 19,5 20 New Zealand 1,6

source: Trade paper - the world in figures (2005)

dressing of the iron ores

iron ore pellets for the steel production.

After the promotion the iron ores in the first stage of the processing already become at the discovery sites of the largest partthe pace separately. Thus the costs of transport and the subsequent treatment are substantially lowered.

The dressing of the iron ore is made first by crushers in several stages. Cone crushers or jaw crushers are used. If the granulation after the crushers enough is small becomes in the furtherProcess step the iron ore husbands. Here ball mills are usually used. In addition water comes in this process stage, so that the grinding stock is fluid and dust is bound. The finished vermahlene property is then separated over magnetic separators into pace and iron ore.

reduction of the iron ores in the blast furnace

In the blast furnace - process is extracted from the ferric oxide by chemical reaction with carbon and Carbon monoxide the oxygen. One calls this reaction reduction.

Also different oxides, for example manganese dioxide and silicon dioxide, are reduced. Furthermore the iron takes up carbon. Therefore develops during the blast furnace processno pure, but pig iron, which is contaminated with carbon, silicon, manganese , phosphorus and sulfur.

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