Iron curtain (theatre)

the iron curtain (apron) is a fire protection mechanism in the theatre, which separates the stage as fire compartment from the auditorium in form of a fire wall, in order to ensure a safe Entfluchtung.

In Austria it is after the introduction of the Gasbeleuchtung 1822 and the fire of the Ring theatre 1881 in Vienna since 1882 legally prescribed, in Germany this device is after several theatre fires since 1889 likewise obligation.

The introduction of the iron curtain in the theatre marked a turn in the building of theatres, it changed considerably the requirements to the theatre technology, had nevertheless a largeWall at a piece still above the stage place have.

Large and not straight beautiful superstructures over the theatre roofs are also the outside witnesses of this mechanism. The whole Schnürboden received thereby a new dimension, the stage designers got new liberties, the authors new possibilities. Thatiron curtain in opera and theatre houses was an impressive mechanism. Many houses let decorate their powerful curtains of considerable artists; usually this painting for each theatre season was again written out as competition. For the winner it was long a large honour, one year before everyoneStage performance by the public to be admired.

Security needs of the public should be satisfied thereby also still visually. Because the many theatre fires in the time of the Gasbeleuchtung brought world-wide headlines, since they demanded numerous victims again and again.

But not alone the iron curtain, also thoseprogressive electrification and a set of safety precautions in the theatre reduced the fire risk in theatres. Nevertheless the straight well visible iron curtain remained as a presentable epitome of the impermeable separation in the general memory and linguistic usage.

Requirements of the apron (in Germany after sample assembly place regulation 2002 andBerufsgenossenschaftlicher regulation c1):

  • It must be fire-resistantly made of non-combustible building materials and and be withstood a flue gas pressure of 450 Pa. The lower edge must be so resistant to bending that it withstands this pressure or intervenes with steel thorns in steal-reinforced recesses in the stage soil. In the case of fire it must by a spray water fire extinguishing system to be subjected, in order to reach a fire resistance period to at least 90 minutes (fire-resistant - F90).
  • In the emergency stop release enterprise it must close from own weight within at the most 30 seconds. The schliessbewegung must introduce itself from two independent and easily attainable places by handto be left and in each operating condition by a network-independent acoustic warning apparatus be indicated.

The iron curtain for large stages is prescribed.

With the Platzieren of an orchestra on the stage it must be paid attention to the fact that the range remains free accordingly.


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