Ice station Zebra

film data
of German titles: Ice station Zebra
original title: Ice station Zebra
production country: The USA
feature year: 1968
length (PAL - DVD): 143 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 12
direction: John Sturges
film script: Douglas Heyes
production: Martin Ransohoff
music: Michel edge of putting
camera: Daniel L. Fapp
cut: Ferris Webster

ice station Zebra (English-language original title: Ice station Zebra) is the US-American filming of the novel of the same name of Alistair MacLean.


as a Russian spy satellite in the cold war with secret Filmmaterial unplanned at the north pole comes down in the middle, opens themselves both superpowers to arrive into the possession of the film.

Main figure is James Ferraday (skirt Hudson), commander of the American nuclear-powered submarine tiger fish stationed in Scotland. Without knowing exactly, in order to carry which goes it, it by highest place the instruction is transferred, one „passenger “(Patrick McGoohan) on a route under the eternal ice of the north pole for research station Zebra. Vordergründig serves the mission the goal of hurrying the men on the station, who continual send SOS signals, to assistance since due to the bad weather situation no assistance is possible by airplane.

On the way still further passengers push to the ship, and an exciting mystery rates begins, who friend and who enemy is, because the ship turns out by sabotage close to a fall.

Finally the submarine succeeded to the ice station Zebra nevertheless at the goal, and apart from the supply of the survivors of the station destroyed by a fire begins a desperate search for the descended satellite, whose camera noted high-explosive material of the rocket launching stations of both superpowers by a navigation problem.

With clearing up weather conditions Russian paratroopses at the scene arrive and it come to (peaceful) the Showdown.


the motion picture film ice station Zebra was with the OSCAR - award of the yearly 1969 in the categories best camera and visual effects nominates.

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