El Alamein

German war grave place in El Alamein

El Alamein is northwest an Egyptian town at the coast of Mediterranean of scarcely 110 km to the west of Alexandria and 240 km from Cairo.

In former times the village was no more than only a small station with few housesin the environment. By 1966 found oil deposits, which are promoted since 1968, the place could book however a considerable economic upswing. In addition the tourism comes to the British soldier cemetery with 7.500 graves, put on here , as well as the German and Italian memorial places for the pleasures of the The Second World War.


El Alamein arrived to Great Britain at world fame, since west the city two crucial battles of the Second World War took place, in that with the help of allied South Africa, free Frenchmen, (British) India and Australia the German and Italian troops cruciallyto strike could.

Commonwealth war grave monument

in the first battle of El Alamein (1. July 1942) could be brought the advance of the GermanItalian troops under general Erwin Rommel by the allied ones to a halt.

In the second battle of El Alamein (23. October - 4. ) The allied ones under general Berne pool of broadcasting corporations Montgomery a victory achieved and turned November 1942 the sheet in the African theater. Subsequently, a long, continuous retreat of the Axis powers began towards the west.


one knows tourism in El Alamein beside a war museum, in thatArticles by the fights for El Alamein and the fights in North Africa are issued, and an GermanItalian military cemetery visit. Beside this cemetery of the earlier Axis powers there is also the Commonwealth - war cemetery, where the soldiers of the allied ones lie buried.

The Swiss hotel company Mövenpick opened in the year 2004 in El Alamein a 5-Sterne-Luxushotel, one of the luxuriösesten hotels at the Mediterranean. In addition different further hotel chains expressed their interest to establish hotels in El Alamein.

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