Elba (island)

Elba and Toskani archipelago
Hauptstadt Portoferraio
capital Portoferraio
peninsula Enfola in the north
the west coast
Strand von Marina di Campo
beach of Marina di Campo

Elba is belonged an island in the Mediterranean and to the Toskani archipelago of the region Toskana in Italy (province Livorno). Them are scarcely 20 km far away from the Italian mainland.

  • Surface: 224 km ² (third biggest island of Italy)
  • coastal length: 147 km
  • highest point: Monte Capanne (1,019 m)
  • average yearly temperature: 15,7 °C

today live in the winter on the island approx. 32,000 persons in 8 municipalities: Portoferraio (at the same time also the capital of the island), Campo nell'Elba, Capoliveri, Mark IANA, Mark IANA Marina, postage Azzurro, Rio Marina and Rio nell'Elba.


Elba was famous in early times for its iron mines, and its melting furnaces gave the Greek name Aethale (soot) to the island. 453 v. Chr. Elba of Syrakus was devastated. Of the 11. up to 14. Centuries belonged it to Pisa, and 1399 came it among the dukes of Piombino. 1548 became it by them at Cosimo I. retired from Florenz. 1596 became postage Longone of Philipp III. by Spain taken and to 1709 held. Then it was surrendered to Neapel. 1802 were awarded the island by the peace by Amiens France.

1814 were banished Napoléon Bonaparte after its resignation as an emperor of France in Fontainebleau after Elba, where he to 4. May 1814 landed. It received the title emperor von Elba and became ruler over those at that time 10,000 inhabitants, until its interest turned to France after 9 months and 23 days again. After its fall the island of the Toskana was attached and came up with their together 1860 in Italy. 1982 were closed the last iron mine.

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coordinates: 42° 46 ' 30 " N, 10° 16 ' 47 " O


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