Eleanor Roosevelt

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (* 11. October 1884 in New York town center; † 7. November 1962) was an US-American Menschenrechtsaktivistin and Diplomatin as a wife of US president Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Eleanor Roosevelt als Schülerin (1898)
To Eleanor Roosevelt as a pupil (1898)
Eleanor Roosevelt bei der UNO (1947)
Eleanor Roosevelt at the UN (1947)

the daughter of Elliott Roosevelt (1860-1894) and the jüdischstämmigen Anna Rebecca resound (1863-1892) was niece of Theodore Roosevelt. Before their marriage with its distant cousin F. D. Roosevelt was engaged the teacher and lady journalist in the democratic party. Their main topics were youth, woman and minority politics. After their man was selected 1933 to the president of the USA, she continued to pursue her requests intensively, whereby its popularity helped her as roofridge lady thereby. She was strongly criticized by the press and political opponents of her man, because according to their opinion roofridge had keep itself a lady discrete in the background and into the daily politics interfere should not.

After F. D. Roosevelts death in the year 1945 appointed the United Nations it the delegated one. In this function it was considerably involved in the declaration of the human rights. In the US home policy she expressed herself publicly sharply against McCarthy.

Eleanor Roosevelt is this very day one of the most popular American inside all times. By its “interference” into the policy it won an admiration with humans like no other roofridge lady before or after it. Only Hillary Clinton was compared again with it.


received honours Eleanor Roosevelt as the first the Nansen medal lent by the UNHCR.


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