Electronic music

electronic music (in former times also Elektronenmusik called) designates music, which (not necessarily exclusive) was produced or transformed with electronic devices.

In the strict sense the term covers their sound synthesis excluding music, with the help of electronic instruments and components (Synthesizer, Sampler, sequencer, computer, Drumcomputer took place). Since with the help of electronic effect devices sounds can be transformed partly extremely, worked on music ranks occasionally also among the electronic music in this sense.

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the history of the electronic music is closely to the history of the electronic sound production (instruments, apparatuses) coupled.

The earliest well-known completely electronic instrument was the Teleharmonium or direct current generator phon developed by Thaddeus Cahill 1897. It weighed 200 tons and was as large as a goods railroad car, which limited its practical usefulness much. Therefore the first “usable” electronic instrument is attributed to Russian physics professor Leon Theremin, the 1919 after it designated and today stillplayed Theremin invented.

One of the Theremin inspired invention were from Maurice the March emergency 1928 designed Ondes March emergency, which among other things by Olivier Messiaen in its Turangalîla Symphonie were used. The development of the Vocoders takes place afterwards in - the 30's. 1939experienced the first composition of the electronic music its premiere in Seattle, Imaginary Landscape No. 1 by John Cage.

After the Second World War the electronic music was taken up by the contemporary composers, those therein an interesting new medium -partly to the extension of the possibilities of traditional instruments - saw. The electronic compositions experienced a first thrust around 1948 with the development of the Musique concrète and tape machines. Actually it does not concern here strictly speaking genuine electronic music,since only photographs of non-electronic origin to be processed. The development of an originally electronic music begins with the availability of the first simple similar electronic instruments, which were in fact first laboratory instruments of electro-technology (sinus-wave generators), nor accelerated/supported. The first works of the Musique Concretecame from Pierre Schaeffer, which worked later with such avant-garde musicians such as Pierre Henry , Pierre Boulez and Karl Heinz stick living together. Stick-live worked many years long in Cologne Studio for electronic music, where it produced electronically sounds with music ofconventional orchestras combined. Of great importance one is also the computer music splitting off from the electronic music.

Ron Grainer and Delia Darbyshire of the Radiophonic Workshop, the department for special effects with BBC, created 1963 one of the first electronic theme songsthe television with their music for the series of Doctor Who.

The first steps of the electronic music were to be added still to the art music, then the first completely electronically produced record Morton Subotnicks Silver Apple OF was the Moon. Rapidly howeverthese influences were taken up also by the popular music. In the late 60's - years contributed walter Carlo with two remarkable albums to the popularization of the electronic music: The wave-mdu-talk more synthesizer and Switched on brook. On both baroque music on Moog becomes -Synthesizern dargeboten.

With progressive technical development Synthesizer became always cheap, durable and above all portable, so that they were used soon of skirt volume. In roles of the pioneer were such volume such as United States OF America, The Silver Apple and Pink Floyd. With exception of the Silver Apple the music this volume was not purely electronic, possessed however a substantially electronically coined/shaped sound.

In the 70's - years became in the jazz skirt electrically strengthened acoustic instruments in combination with Synthesizer by groupsas Weather report popularizes.

Particularly German of volume such as Tangerine Dream, new, cluster or La Duesseldorf, in addition, musician such as Klaus Schulze, Robert Schroeder, Jean Michel Jarre and some producers of these CO music took itself however also onefirst plumbing a purely electronically produced music on. Under them power station, it was outstanding carried out pioneer work for coming styles such as EBM, Industrial, Hip Hop, House and Techno.

In the 80's - the electronic music found to years thenEntrance into the general Popmusik. The up to then usual Schlagzeug to rhythm - production was replaced more and more by the employment from Drumcomputern. During the use of Synthesizern opposite the 70's - years again decreased/went back, developed more and moreMusic styles, which particularly defined themselves by electronic rhythms, particularly within the range of the new Wave (Electro Wave). Volume such as Moskwa TV, OFF, 16Bit and CCCP coined/shaped besides the sound OF Frankfurt and several Chartserfolge celebrated.

Still relativeunnoticed resulted in this time also in Chicago from advancement of the Disco - music of the so-called. House - style (designated to the discotheque Warehouse). Here excluding electronic produced Beat one used for the first time and one mixed into one another. From this developed then starting from centerthe 1980er on the basis of Detroit Techno, with which very monotonous Beats is used, in particular by assistance of Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin. Its wedding experienced Techno then center that 90's - Years. Starting from here numerous subspecies, like Acid , developed minimum Techno, Schranz or Goa.

End of the 90's - years the electronic music held then also finally introduction into the up to then often conservatively defended bastions for classical skirt. Volume such as Radiohead or Tortoise electronic elements in structures of the classical Songwritings processed and contributed much to the RH establishment of electronic music outside of the Techno - scene.

Besides the electronic music offers however still a broad experimentation field for composers how Asmus Tietchens, which develop new sounds and connect these with adequate structures to a singular synthesis.

variety of on different category and numerous Subgenres offers music styles the contemporary electronic music. It is divided depending upon a music characterinto the electronic dance music presented in discotheques and clubs to dancing as well as Lounge so mentioned - or Ambient - music, which can be used as relaxing mood music for bars or calm activities at home. There is also combinations as for example thatTrip Hop, which appears suitable for both purposes. Further there are the electronic music pieces of the E-music in such a way specified, which are counted to the so-called autonomous music, which pursue thus no certain purpose as for instance dance and relaxation, but as pure“Are music experience” meant. In addition, electronic music is used in the modern concert hall, both in its “serious” and in their “popular” variant.

Well-known styles are for example: to 2Step, Ambient, bend Beat, Breakbeat, Clicks & CUTs, Downbeat, Drum and bass, Dub, EBM, Electronica, electronics skirt, Electroclash, Electropunk, Future Pop, Gabba, garage House, Detroit Techno, Ghetto Tech, Glitch, Goa, House, intelligently thanksTo music (IDM), Indietronic, Industrial, Jungle, Noise, Neo Pop, Schranz, Techno, drink, Trip Hop (also Bristol sound called), hard Tekk, speed core, Tech House

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