Eleonore Prochaska

Eleonore Prochaska (* 11. March 1785 in potsdam, † 5. October 1813 in Dannenberg (Elbe)), Soldier.

During the wars of liberation it fought unidentified as a man disguised first as Trommler, later than infantryman in the Prussian army against Napoleon.

Prochaska registered itself under the name hunters August Renz into the roll of the Lützow free corps . During the battle to the Göhrde it was heavily wounded and brought after Dannenberg, where it succumbed 3 weeks later to its injuries.

In the future it was strongly idealized as a hero virgin and admired as the “ Potsdamer Jeanne d'Arc “. Different dramas and poems were written over them, among other things of Friedrich back ore. In the year 1863 became at its grave on the pc. - Annen cemetery in Dannenberg a Gedenktafel attached and 1869 received its hometown potsdam to it in honours a monument. She got a monument also in music: The Bonn composer Ludwig van Beethoven began an opera over the heroine after a libretto with the title Eleonore Prochaska, written from the royal Prussian secret secretary Friedrich Duncker.

Beside Eleonore Prochaska during the liberty wars still further Mrs. the prevailing woman picture over board threw. However nearly all, after they were recognized as women, became from the military service to dismiss.

The only exception was probably Friederike Krüger (October 1789 - May 1848), which became owing to Protektion of their commander of brigade the only well-known female NCO of the Prussian army. It last served in 2. Guard regiment to foot. 1816 were granted their letter of resignation and it withdrew themselves into the civilian life.

The Lüneburgerin Johanna bars procured ammunition as Zivilistin in combat with Lueneburg for the Füsilierbataillon of the 1. Pommer infantry regiment.

Also Anna Lühring followed 1814 the Lützower hunters as a hunter Eduard Kruse and survived the wars of liberation. Their myth faded fast.

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