Eleonore of Austria

Eleonore of Austria (* 15. November 1498 - † 18. February 1558), was ore duchess of Austria, princess of Spain and queen of Portugal and France from the house having castle.

Eleonore von Österreich, Königin von Portugal und Frankreich
Eleonore of Austria, queen of Portugal and France

Eleonore ofAustria was daughter Philipps of the beautiful one and Johanna of the mad ones. Their brothers and sisters were the later emperor Karl V., geb. 1500, Isabella geb. 1501 later wife Christians II. by Denmark and Maria geb. 1505, late wife the king Ludwig II. of Hungary and Böhmen. Together they were educated in Mecheln by its aunt Margarethe of Austria after death by Philipp. Two further brothers and sisters Katharina, the later wife of the Portuguese king Johann III. and the later Roman-German emperor Ferdinand I. lived in Spain.

Eleonore becamewith beginning of 20 with the greisen king Emanuel I. (Manuel I.) from Portugal marries, which was married already with two of their aunts (it was its third marriage). She was however with twenty-three already again widow. 1526 became then the engagement with Franz I.of Francecommunicated, which she married 1530. The marriage was concluded from purely political reasons. The hereditary enmity between the having citizens and the French Bourbonen should be settled by it.

1558 died itself Eleonore on the home journey of Badajoz after the futile attempt, with her daughter Maria tooreconcile, which had to leave it at that time after the death of the king in Portugal.

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