Elfie Mayerhofer

Elfie Mayerhofer, specified in some leaders also as Meyerhofer (* 15. March 1917 [after other sources also 1923] in Maribor; † 28. December 1992 in Enzersdorf in Lower Austria) was a Austrian film actress and singer. Whether it received the surname the Viennese nightingale to its voice by press and public.

Elfie Mayerhofer studied music and had its theatre play debut at the youth theatre in Munich. Also in Zurich and Vienna it could reüssieren and for commitments at the state State of Munich and at different theatres in Berlin into the early 1930er years made it interesting also for the film business. In the year 1938 it received the first larger role in the strip “women for golden Hill “. Thereafter further music films followed again and again, among them in such a way admitted like “hotel Sacher” (1939), “we ask to the dance” (1941) and “my Mrs. Teresa” (1942).

After that 2. World war arose it first in concerts and at the opera. Harsh ore of Karajan wished itself it 1949 for the salt citizens of music festivals, where it sang and played the wedding of the Figaro beside Maria Cebotari in that. But also in the films after 1945 Elfie Mayerhofer far success had. In the strip Anni (1948) sang it at the side of Siegfried Breuer and Josef my wheel several well-known Operettenmelodien.

With more than 60 Lebensjahren Elfie Mayerhofer went again on a journey overseas, where she sang successful in the USA, Mexico and Canada and played into the late 1970er years in operas and Operetten.

films (selection)

  • the vagrants (1968)
  • lost melody (1952)
  • kisses is no Sünd (1950)
  • loved liar (1950)
  • Hölli love (1949)
  • Viennese melodies (1947)
  • the doll player (1945)
  • the song of the nightingale (1944)
  • my Mrs. Teresa (1942)
  • the sky-blue evening gown (1941)
  • we ask to the dance (1941)
  • the curtain falls (1939)
  • hotel Sacher (1939)
  • women for golden Hill (1938)


some their well-known songs can one on arranged CD hear. Elfie Mayerhofer, Ilse Werner, Marika skirt sing 1949 on the 1995 Compact disk of songs from the films women, appeared, are nevertheless better diplomats , Swedish nightingale , Gasparone , hot blood , one night in May and many different from the time of 1939 -.

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