Elizabeth Cruciger

Elizabeth Cruciger and/or. Kreuziger, Creutziger e.t.c. (* around 1505 in Meseritz (Ostpommern, today Międzyrzecz); † May 1535 in joke mountain) belonged to the friend circle Martin Luther and was first Dichterin of religious of songs in the reformation surrounding field.

It was born as Elizabeth von Meseritz into a pommersches aristocracy sex and already brought as a child in the Prämonstratenserinnenkloster after Treptow to the Rega. By Johannes Bugenhagen became acquainted with it reformatorische ideas and fled 1522 from the monastery after joke mountain, where she married 1524 the theologian Caspar Cruciger and with him a daughter and a son Caspar Cruciger D. J. had.

Elizabeth Cruciger is considered as the first Kirchenliederdichterin of the Evangelist church.




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