Elizabeth Flickenschildt

Elizabeth IDA Marie Flickenschildt (* 16. March 1905 in Blankenese, today duly to Hamburg; † 26. October 1977 in Stade) was a German stage and film actress.


Elizabeth IDA Marie Flickenschildt completed its Abitur in Hamburg and began a theory in a mode enterprise. But the sense stood for it after other one. Finally her father, agreed a captain, after repeated urge of play training. The teachings were broken off, and it could celebrate their debut as a farmer's wife Armgard in Schillers William Tell in Hamburg Schauspielhaus.

Now it was immediately busy at several German stages. It played three years in Munich and three years in Berlin. 1936 married it Rolf bathing living (1907-1987), a theatre scientist (the marriage held until 1944). Finally it engaged Gustaf of creating gene for citizens of Berlin the national theatre, where it embodied first the witch in fist. This actually small role corresponded both to its Habitus and its Physiognomie; similar characters and above all the Nebenrollen should it in the future still often play.

Also the film was interested in „the mysterious one with the mysteriösen voice “. Their successes, which them admit Germany far made, were before the war the broken jug (1937), the muzzle (1938), Robert cook (1939), Trenck, the Pandur (1940), rem Brandt (1942) and romance in Moll.

Also after the Second World War Elizabeth Flickenschildt played mainly theatres, preferentially with Gustaf of creating gene as a director. It was it also, it first „Flicki “called and „the brother relationship “(like it the artist designated), strong to it, developed. It required it for its ensemble in the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus and went also with it to Hamburg to the German Schauspielhaus. Under its direction “the Flickenschildt” played almost all classical woman roles in and foreign theatre art. When the director at the end of of 1963 died, also Elizabeth Flickenschildt felt the gap, which it left. It was received now no more firm commitments, played occasionally in so-called B-Movies (often Kriminalfilmen after Edgar Wallace) and transferred increasingly roles to TV-productions. 1963 received it for its role in with many star (among other things Lilli Palmer, Hildegard Knef) occupied GermanAustrian cinema production the large dear play the film volume in gold for the best schauspielerische achievement. Flickenschildt still stood to short before its death with the Shakespeare - for piece of Coriolanus on the stage boards Hamburg theatres. 1967 received it the desired honor Bambi.

Elizabeth Flickenschildt wrote her own autobiography with the title child with red hair - a life like a dream (1971). In addition it published the novel plums at the hat (1974), which was only moderately successful however. The Federal Government lent their 1975 because of their earnings/services for the culture the large Order of Merit.

Elizabeth Flickenschildt was much animal-loving. It acquired a farm in Guderhandviertel in the district Stade as domicile and could not it not be taken to milk even their cows. Two lining up civil processes because of neighbourhood disputes did not let it come 1977 no more to the necessary peace. It died in the October of the same yearly in Stade, after it had learned still at the age of 72 years for a premiere in Hamburg theatres.

Filmografie (selection)

  • as a nut/mother struck (1974)
  • the playing the violin player (from the row “the commissioner”, 1973)
  • Käpt'n rough leg from pc. Pauli (1971)
  • if Ludwig in the maneuver pulls (1967)
  • new Lausbubengeschichten (1965) to uncle Filser -
  • all-newest Lausbubengeschichten (1966) aunt Frieda -
  • Lausbubengeschichten (1964)
  • the Indian cloth (1963)
  • the large dear play (1963)
  • the black-and-white-red sky bed (1962)
  • the hotel on the Themse (1962)
  • gynecologist Dr. Sibelius (1962)
  • Mrs. Warrens trade (1960)
  • fist (1960)
  • the gang of the fright (1960)
  • the attendance of the old lady (1959 TV)
  • we miracle children (1958)
  • Robinson is not to die (1957)
  • Hokuspokus (1953)
  • the day before the wedding (1952)
  • Toxi (1952)
  • king for one night (1950)
  • ohm of Krüger (1941)
  • Trenck, the Pandur (1940)
  • Robert cook, the Bekämpfer of death (1939)
  • a Mäddchen goes ashore (1938)
  • the muzzle (1938)
  • the broken jug (1937)
  • marriage swindler/the red cap (1937)
  • large pure making (1935)

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