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Elizabeth Frenzel, geb. Lüttig sneezing (* 28. January 1915 in Naumburg to the Saale), is a German Literaturwissenschaftlerin.

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the daughter of the lawyer Oswig Lüttig sneezing and Elizabeth, geb. Sneeze, studied in Berlin, where it attained a doctorate to 1938 over the shape of the Jew on the newer German stage. Their graduation writing betrays glowing enthusiasm for the national socialism and an unbroken Antisemitismus:

Superordinate criterion had to be the political. It was to be demonstrated that not to the political daily necessity it binds the position, which takes new Germany today to the Jew question as to the theatre was present, but in Germany von Ursprung on. […] Since the topic is to appear to this work in each case before the background of large political connections, it was necessary to outline at the beginning of each chapter the situation of the Jew question short and to indicate to it afterwards the politico-cultural situation and the portion of the Jew of it. It was necessary to refer to the ever more closely becoming net of Jewish influence which affected the representation of the Jew on the stage. Terms, which are taken out of the racial theory, are based on the guidelines given by Günther.

It leads the doctor title attained by this thesis until today.

Briefly before their graduation it had 1938 the government advice and editor in the realm Ministry for public enlightenment and propaganda harsh ore A. Frenzel married, which it thanked in the epilog to its thesis „for the extension of my scientific interest by reference to the current politico-cultural questions “.

Member of the NSDAP was not Elizabeth Frenzel, but up to the end of the Second World War it worked as scientific employees of the office for art care in the realm line rose mountain. Their 1943 in the series of publications for the world-descriptive training course work of the NSDAP published brochure the Jew in the theatre were at all called 2003 of the new inhabitants of zurich newspaper one of the worst anti-Semitic publications from Germanistic feather/spring .< ref> yokes Hörisch http://www.phil.uni-mannheim.de/doktoranden/p/2_2_2004_01.html< /ref> In addition it strove for an encyclopedia of Jewish writers for rose mountain Institut for the study of the Jew question in Frankfurt/Main, which already appeared similar with this Institut encyclopedia of the Jews in the music of the easier Ausgrenzung of Jewish artists from the German culture life serve should. In the final phase of the world war no more was not to be thought of such a large-scale project, instead 1944 a einbändiges small manual were announced for 1945, which in addition, no more appeared.

After the Second World War Frenzel was active as a free scientific authoress. In close co-operation with its man harsh ore A. Frenzel wrote it the standard work „data of German seal “, a chronology of the German-language literature, which was published 1953 and into the today's time numerous new editions for the first time experienced. Also Elizabeth Frenzels of reference books for the material and motive history of the German literature in several editions appeared.

Those politically and ideologically substantially preloaded married people Frenzel became in such a way in the Germanistik and theatre science of the German Federal Republic of the 1950er years (harsh ore A. Frenzel was reintegriert editors of the German society for theatre history) without each waiving. Since 1978 Elizabeth Frenzel member of the commission for literature-scientific motive and topic research of the Academy of Sciences is to Goettingen. 1997 received it the Order of Merit to gang.

meaning for the telling research

Frenzels meaning for the German-language telling research after 1960 is undisputed, even if it selected a literature-scientific entrance to motives and materials. The reference books mentioned are gratefully used, and who would like to operate the literature-scientific motive and topic research turned out in the German-language countries for a long time in disrepute methodically founded, Frenzels finds many suggestions in the writings by program.

In the volkskundlich folkloristisch oriented encyclopedia of the fairy tale, which - not undisputedly - appreciates also living authors, written Gero of Wilpert (Sydney) a huldigenden article over Frenzel (Bd. 5, 1987, columns 257-258), which praises the consideration of the people literature in its work and which international acknowledgment of the material and motivation researches Frenzels underlines, but with no syllable with the NS time or the topic of the thesis deals.




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