Elizabeth hone gene

Elizabeth hone gene (* 7. December 1906 in Gevelsberg, Westphalia; † 6. August 1997 in Vienna) was a German singer (Mezzosopran).

Hone gene appeared already with 15 years as a violinist. It studied Germanistik andMusic science in Berlin, late singing. 1932 locked it their study as Gesangspädagogin. It debütierte 1933 at the opera house in Wuppertal. 1940-1943 sang it to the Semperoper Dresden, and. A. in smelling pool of broadcasting corporations bunch ' the woman without shade and Elektra as well as lady Macbeth in Giuseppe this Macbeth. Also as song and Oratoriensängerin it was active. 1943 went it to Vienna. 1957-1960 were it Professorin at the Viennese music academy.


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