Elizabeth captain

grave by Elizabeth captain on the Dorotheenstädti cemetery in Berlin.

Elizabeth captain (* 20. June 1897 in Peckelsheim in Westphalia; † 20. April 1973 in east Berlin) was an authoress and a woman employee of Bertolt breaks.

1922 came captain to Berlin, where her to Bertolt break to know learned. From 1934 to 1949 she was in the USA via France in the exile, 1943 married her Paul Dessau. Since 1924 she worked with breaks down, among other things you are attributed the co-author shank at the three-groschen opera. After Brechts death functioned it as Herausgeberin of its works with the Suhrkamp publishing house and was Dramaturgin with the citizen of Berlin ensemble. A collection of their texts was published 1977 under the title “Julia without Romeo”.

1961 received Elizabeth captain the Lessing price of the GDR.


Kebir, Sabine: I did not ask for my portion. Elizabeth's of captain work with Bertolt break. Berlin, structure publishing house, 1997.

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