Elizabeth Pähtz

Elizabeth Pähtz (* 8. January 1985 in Erfurt) is a German Schachspielerin.

She was trained since her childhood of her father Thomas Pähtz, which is even chess large master. At the age of 9 years it won its first German championship in the age group U11. 1999 became it German Meisterin of the women. 2002 became it youth world champion of the age group U18, 2004 vice-world champion of the age group U20. With the European championship of the women in Dresden it reserved seat 16 in the same year. 2005 became it youth world champion of the age group U20.

It visited the sport High School Dresden until 2004 and is strongest native German Schachspielerin. It plays for the Dresden sport club 1898 and other associations.

As one of the largest German new generation talents it is the subject of a large interest of medium. Among other things on the fact it was reported that she threatens to fail with the Abitur in mathematics. Their own explanation is however that it is a very intuitive Spielerin, and therefore no universal genius to be must.

It carries the title of an international master and is Grossmeisterin of the Mrs., their Elo number amounts to 2408 (conditions: October 2005).

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