Elizabeth Plessen

Elizabeth Plessen (* 15. March 1944 as Elizabeth Charlotte Marguerite Augusta countess of Plessen in new city/Holstein) is a German authoress and a literary translator.

Elizabeth Plessen comes of to one Mecklenburgian - holsteinischen aristocracy family. It buildup on the parental property Sierhagen and visited the school in Plön, later a girl boarding school with Heidelberg.

After the Abitur it studied philosophy, history and Germanistik in Paris and Berlin. 1970 attained a doctorate it at the technical University of Berlin with a literature-scientific work with walter Höllerer. Afterwards it undertook journeys into the Karibik, to South America and into the Soviet Union.

After it had translated some works Hemingways together with Ernst Schnabel, it became known 1974 by the publication of the memories Katia of man . Its novel debut “report to the aristocracy”, an account with the conservative aristocracy of the Federal Republic, was both with critics and with the readers a large success. Since 1980 are associated to Plessen with the director Peter Zadek; since then the emphasis of their literary work shifted itself to translating and working on classical stage texts, the basis for a number of important productions formed. The authoress lives today alternating in the Toskana and in Berlin.

Elizabeth Plessen is member of the PEN - center of the Federal Republic of Germany. 1976 received it the critic price for literature, 1988 the Droste price of the city Meersburg.

Table of contents


  • facts and inventions, Munich 1971
  • report to the aristocracy, Zurich [among other things] 1976
  • Kohlhaas to make 1979 on the difficulties
  • to write a historical novel a settling [among other things] 1979 for Zurich [
  • among other things] that roasted a chicken from the dish runs, Zurich [among other things] 1981
  • Stella polar one, Frankfurt/Main 1984
  • lady Spaghetti, Frankfurt/Main 1992
  • the break, Zurich [among other things] 1997
  • Lina, Gifkendorf 2004


publisher shank

  • Katia man: My unwritten memoirs. Frankfurt/Main 1974 (given change together with Michael man)
  • on a new. Reinbek with Hamburg 1987

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