Elizabeth Rosenthal

Elizabeth Rosenthal (* 11. May 1827 in Magdeburg; † 16. April 1891 in Magdeburg) justified the first private higher Mädchenschule in Magdeburg.

Rosenthal was the daughter of the secret government and building advice Carl Albert Rosenthal and Enkelin of the Neustädter of mayor Karl Rosenthal.After initial private instruction it visited a public school with 9 years.

It seized the occupation of the teacher and justified 1868 the Rosenthal Lyzeum, the first private higher Mädchenschule in Magdeburg. The institute was first at the Nicolaiplatz, in one of its father builtHouse and had to move then, because of the increasing space requirement, first at the widths way, later into the falcon mountain route.

The Rosenthal Lyzeum became under their line the prominent private girl educational establishment of the city Magdeburg.



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