Elizabeth Bowen

Elizabeth Dorothea Cole Bowen (* 7. June 1899 in Dublin; † 22. February 1973 in London) was an Irish authoress. As a child it pulled with its parents to London. After the illness of its father and the death of their nut/mother it was drawn up starting from 1907 by its aunts. Its first book, Encounters appeared 1923. From 1940 to 1952 it lived in Dublin.

Bowen entwuchs a Protestant, anglo Irish family, those the summers on the English family seat Bowens Court, which spent winters in Dublin.

Emphasis of their novels were the critical argument with the elevated British society, whose decay describes it. The purge of the social basic conditions reflects itself in their figures, race and aimless shapes, which through-live frequently sense and relations crises.

Bowen is compared frequently with Virginia Woolf, with which she was also friendly, and, not least because of their detailed psychological description of the characters, with Jane Austen.

Their works will appear at present in a German re-translation in the Schöffling publishing house.


  • last September, Roman (2001) ISBN 3895612405, OT The load September (1929)
  • the house in Paris, novel (2002) ISBN 3895612413, OT The House into of Paris (1935)
  • the travel into the north, novel (2003) ISBN 3895612421, OT ton the North (1932)
  • cold hearts, novel (2004) ISBN 389561243X, OT The Death OF the Heart' (1936)


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