Elke Wosik

Elke Wosik bei den Weltmeisterschaften 2004 in Doha
Elke Wosik with the world championships 2004 in Doha

Elke Wosik (geb. Sound) (* 19. July 1973 in Speyer) plays 2004/2005 with the TV bosom brook in the table tennis federal league in the season. Bosom brook is a local part of the municipality Waldbronn in the north Black Forest. She lives in Reutlingen. More than hundredfold Nationalspielerin is married with the table tennis player Torben Wosik.

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past ones of associations

TTV Roman mountain, Pirmasens, Mz-Finthen, VSC Donauwörth, TSG Dülmen, Bavarian Uerdingen, TTC eating home, sports association Winterwerb, team Heidifoto Coesfeld and TV bosom brook

current placements in rank lists

title and success

Europameisterin 1996 and 1998 (lady crew, - doubles), EM-third 1996 (lady single), WM-third 1997 (lady crew), WM-sixth lady crew 2004, EM-third 2000 (lady double), EM-second 2000 and 2002 (lady crew), sevenfold winner European league, sixfold German Meisterin in the Mixed, DM second 1999 and 2001 (lady single), double German Meisterin (lady double), German Mannschaftsmeisterin 2005, Tischtennisspielerin of the years 2003 and 2005.

play system

attack (special impact: reciprocal Topspin play), Rechtshänderin, Shakehand

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