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Ellis Iceland

the island Ellis Iceland lies in New York and belongs since that to 11. May 1965 to the State OF Liberty. On Ellis Iceland, designated after the former owner Samuel Ellis, arrived between 1892 and 1954 about 12 million immigrant and were dispatched. However 1907 was dispatched 1.285.239 immigrants. The island became the approach place for immigrants, after whom the river of the immigrants took constantly too and their examination required a new law. Nearly each second American (40%) can retrace the roots of its ancestors to Ellis Iceland. The immigrants called Ellis Iceland the tear island, since after a minütigen questioning and a medical investigation the further fate decided 2 here. Ill ones, illiterates, politically radicals and Vorbestrafte were not allowed to enter, were again sent back or on another continent shipped, but 98% of the entry-willing came into the praised country. Italians and Russians represented the largest group of the immigrants . So the immigrants had to rise equal to beginning steep stairs to the registration area up, with which they were observed by physicians. If someone had problems, then this pointed on a heart disease and he was examined more intensively. The medical profession examined for infections, looked at themselves hands, face and hair and if one were suspicious, he got a Kreidezeichen painted on the right shoulder ( a S stood for Senilität, a Ct the eye disease Trachom and an X for a psychological illness). The others went to Push ton New York through a door with the label „“ and were taken up. The men and women were accommodated in different sleep halls.

California even offered a reduced in price course ticket to the immigrants, in order to arrange the settlement in California tastier. In the two world wars the island served as internment camp for foreigners. After the immigration authority ordered deactivation in March 1954, because per day only 200-300 immigrants came, Ellis Iceland moved into the focus of the interest in world-wide migration. 1965 were placed it under the administration national to park of the service. After the renovation, the 1980 began and 156 millions Dollar cost, became that main building to 10. September 1990 as Ellis Iceland immigration museum again-opens.

Ellis Iceland belonged both to the State of New York and to new jersey, it is one of 40 islands in waters of New York town center. Momentarily main building for public traffic is only opened. Entrance is not required for the entrance to the island.

Who on the search to America ancestor emigrated is, electronic archives with the immigrants dispatched on the island on the island, which are available over Internet, find. On the American immigrant barrier OF Honor one finds the names of immigrants, if the descendants had transacted a donation of 100 dollar. It is the world largest wall marked with names. From the south point Manhattans out, the Battery park, operate daily ferries, in order to bring visitors to the island, who arrive after the inspection of Ellis Iceland from there also at the liberty statue at Liberty Iceland by ferry.

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