Elsa Schiaparelli

Elsa Schiaparelli (* 10. September 1890 in Rome; † 13. November 1973 in Paris) was a Italian-French Modeschöpferin.


divorced and disappointed by the life and their ex man, turned in Rome the bornElsa Schiaparelli in the year 1922 from the United States to Europe back and established itself in Paris.

In order with a fashion show, which visited her as a Zuschauerin, to look good, it knitted itself a black sweater, in that a white loopwas in-knitted and white seals had. This sweater stung the authoress Anita Loos in the eye. Anita Loos had good relations and sent their acquaintance and friends among other things to Schiaparelli, among them Joan Crawford, Gloria Swanson, Greta Garbo, Norma Shearer and Mae west.

1928 could open it their first shop and had thereby large success. Later it had five years already eight fashion shops in Paris and one in London. It brought the Surrealismus and the Dadaismusinto the fashion, it meant over it. Who had rank and name, one could be fitted out its most important promote inside was Daisy Fellowes with it. It developed the perfumes “Shocking” and “SI” (to the latter there is even a Song“Valse de Si” of Henri Sauguet, which was interpreted by Juliette Greco). Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí belonged to her friends and Jean Cocteau sketched material samples for them.

1936 brought it the zipper in struck Couture. Likewisein the 30's 20. Century made it the so-called Dianadekolleté, with which a shoulder was completely exposed societyable. As one mode creator inside it sketched first not only pieces of clothing, but also accessories: Gloves, scarves, decoration, clocks and bathing suits carriedits label (that “label” was still called at that time).

With the outbreak 2. World war had to leave it Paris and emigrierte to New York. 1945 returned it to Paris and had to state that the fashion after the war changeshad:Minimalism was “in”, the simplicity of the creations of Coco Chanel was considered as “chic”, and Schiaparellis more multicolored, more glitzernder, “surrealistischer” style had retired. 1952 had to close it their studio. Their dwelling remained however further meeting place that Paris mode world.

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