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Sir Elton Hercules John KBE (* 25. March 1947 in Pinner, Middlesex; actually Reginald Kenneth Dwight) is a British singer, composer and a pianist.

For the early 1970er years it is one the world-wide most successful musician. Its often dramatic, nearly classicallymelody eyes compositions it, on the piano accompanying itself, intoniert with nasalem Blues Falsett. Its repertoire reaches titles over sensitive Balladen and strong skirt - and skirt' n' roll - up to gospelartigen Blues - and Boogie - numbers. It was relevant at the introduction of one era„the soft skirt “takes part.

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after the early separation its parents, Stanley and Sheila Dwight, grew Elton John above allwith its grandmother Ivy up. To its father it did not have good relationship; the relationship coined/shaped by lack of interest at the son processed it 1995 in the auto+biographic title larva in England (“I had A quit ME more father, had A love ME”). It studied six years Piano and Music theory to the Londoner Royal Academy OF music and created the volume Bluesology in the connection with study colleague in the middle of the 1960er years. There Reginald Dwight found its artist name. It combined the first names of the saxophonists Elton Dean and the singer ‚Long `John Baldry to the name,with which it should become world well-known:Elton John. 1969 it could accommodate a first composition on an album of the Three Dog Night, during it on its first, some more unausgegorenen solo album already worked.

With Bernie rope pin, which it 1968 during an advertisement forto know he learned, wrote the post of a Songschreibers from beginning of its career nearly all its Songs. Its second album Elton John, with caper orchestra brought in, became a large success. In the following it platzierte within a yearly whole five albums in US Charts.Shortly thereafter it had then also a number of international hits. Successful, far away well-known titles from this time are Your Song, Rocket one, Crocodile skirt, Daniel, Saturday Night' s Alright (For Fighting), Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and the Marilyn Monroe dedicated piece Candle in The wind. At early successes the kongeniale volume, which Elton John had met into the 1970er years around itself , was not completely indifferent: Guitarist Davey John clay/tone, bassist DTE Murray and Schlagzeuger Nigel Olsson did not only play outstanding together, but sangalso on many Songs the Background Vocals, so for example on the auto+biographic Someone, co-ordinated perfectly one on the other, saved my would run tonight. John clay/tone and Olsson are further and/or. again members in Elton John volume; Murray deceased 1992.

After its in the Duett with Kiki DTE in-sung title Don' t go breaking my heart 1976 also discotheques - hit was, flirted it particularly with the photographs to The Thom Bell session (1977) and Victim OF Love (1979) - far less successfully - with the Discomusik. Since 1980 it turnedwith titles such as Little Jean ever, Blue Eyes and I guess that' s why they call does not it the blues again the rather classical Balladen too. To center of the 1980er years reached further its Singles such as I' m quietly standing, Sad Song and Nikita high Chartpositionen.

OffElton John sank to the second half of the 1980er into an artistic low and published numerous rather weakly produced photographs, the no more was not than simplest Pop numbers (Flames OF of Paradise in the Duett with Jennifer Rush (1986), Wrap ago UP, with which the friendly George Michael the Backing Vocals took over (1985) etc.). In the media mainly by its quirks perception, published it Studioalben also some Best OF considered in the consequence beside the few - compositions and a live-double album, which it brought in 1986 with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

With also thatTitle after album Sleeping With The Past and the single Sacrifice turned backwards succeeded to it only 1989 larger commercial solo success.

For 1993 a published plate with Duetten it trommelte a erlesene crowd of artists together. Also with it were again George Michael, Kiki DTE, Leonard Cohen, PM Dawn, Marcella Detroit, Little smelling pool of broadcasting corporations, Don Henley, Chris Rea, Tammy Wynette, NIC Kershaw, Gladys Knight, Paul Young, Bonnie Raitt and the dragees Queen Ru Paul, those again Don' t go breaking my Heart with it sang.

1994 it composed a part of the music for the Disneyfilm the king of the lions and received for CAN you feel the love tonight the OSCAR for the best film Song presented.

In the year 1997 John brought a umgetexteteVersion of Candle in The wind out, in which it the death of princess Diana entrusting ores. The single Something About The Way You Look Tonight, on whose „B-side “ Candle in The wind was to be found `97, became with 32 million sold CDs the most successful Single of all times, proceeds from it it donated to charitable purposes (see. the entry in the English Wikipedia).

2001 fallow John, meanwhile lengthen openly homosexual living, a lance for the white, up to then in the civil public particularly by sexistische and gay-hostile expressions remarkable RWS star Eminem. With a umjubelten common appearance with the Grammy - it sang the female part actually sung by Dido to award for Eminem to Eminems hit Stan and stated, it had always admired Eminems attitude.

Thus became Elton, which could be please never for a long time,for recent productions than second voice discovers.Alessandro Safina sang 2002 accompanied from John, again to Your Song and in the same year supported it the Boygroup Blue, which hardest itself its old hit Sorry seems tons the Word again made. Thus landedit together at place unity in England. Likewise to hear it is in the Refrain postum of the published 2Pac - hit Ghetto Gospel with one SAM-polarize its piece of Indian Sunset (to hear on the album Madman Across The Water), that likewise in England, in addition, inAustralia the point of the Charts reached.

Being reminiscent on its album Songs From The west Coast of already 2001, appeared 2004 with Peachtree Road album of the audibly strengthened singer, whosever, in music authentically, tied years to its music of the early and middle 1970er andby the critics one took up again in a well-meaning manner.

According to official Website the photographs for the new album were locked in March 2006. It is to be called The Captain and the Kid and appear in September 2006.


on the stage superelevated itself with tooth spacing, weak sight andthin hair equipped John already early gladly by grotesque linings and to the Enfant the terrible Popmusik oversized eyeglasses.

Elton John has a very changeful and multicolored Biografie. 1980 it outete itself as bisexuell; in the year 1984 he married the German Tontechnikerin Renate Blauel andließ sich 1988 wieder von ihr scheiden. Later it professed itself to the Homosexualität.

It had with cocaine craze of many years to also fight to Bulimie and by a wasteful way of life caused financial difficulties. Curiosities as that he could be in-woven art hair into his light tuft, found activeEcho in the boulevard press.

Since death one at AIDS the deceased of friend, who to the time of death 18-jährigen Ryan White turned, Elton John different, also particularly gegründeteten AIDS - donations too, for which it donated large sums and on which it made attentive. Also proceedsfrom auctions of private objects of value or from parts benefitted its immense eyeglass collection these donations.

To 21. December 2005, which Elton John his friend of many years David Furnish married first day, on which after a law change in Great Britain homosexual ones one were allowed to be received „registered partnership . The Popsängerand the film producer Furnish is since 1993 a pair. The ceremony took place in Windsor , and by Clair Williams was led, the same condition woman official, who trusted also prince Charles and Camilla.


to 24. February 1998 became Elton John von Königin Elizabeth II.to the knight struck and since then Sir Elton John, Knight OF may call itself the order OF the British Empire (KBE). In the year 2002 Sir Elton received the Royal Academy OF music in London.



work on []


  • 1969: Empty Sky
  • 1970: Elton John
  • 1971: Tumbleweed Connection
  • 1971: Madman Across the Water
  • 1972: Honky Château
  • 1973: Don' t Shoot ME I' m Only the Piano Player
  • 1973: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  • 1974: Caribou
  • 1975: Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt cowboy
  • 1975: SkirtOF the Westies
  • 1976: Blue move
  • 1978: A single one
  • 1979: Victim OF Love
  • 1979: The Complete Thom Bell session
  • 1980: 21 RKs 33
  • 1981: The Fox
  • 1982: Jump UP!
  • 1983: Too Low for Zero
  • 1984: Breaking Hearts
  • 1985: Ice on Fire
  • 1986: Leather Jackets
  • 1988: Move Strikes bake
  • 1989: Sleeping With the Past
  • 1992: The One
  • 1993: Duets
  • 1995: Larva in England
  • 1997: Bend Picture
  • 2001: Songs from the west Coast
  • 2004: Peachtree Road

live albums

  • 1971: 11-17-70
  • 1975: West OF the Rockies
  • 1976: Here and There
  • 1979: Ton of Russia… With Elton (Moscow, USSR)
  • 1987: Live in Australia
  • 2000: One Night Only
  • 2002: Live RK the cut

Best OF compositions

  • 1974: Greatest hit
  • 1982: Love Songs
  • 1986: Greatest hit of volume. 2
  • 1987: Greatest hit of volume. 3
  • 1990: TonContinued
  • 1990: The Very Best OF Elton John
  • 1996: Love Songs
  • 2002: Greatest hit 1970-2002

sound TRACK and musical

  • 1970: The Games (sound TRACK)
  • 1971: Friends (sound TRACK)
  • 1994: The Lion King (sound TRACK to the film; Text: Tim Rice)
  • 1999: Elton John and TimRice' s Aida (musical)
  • 1999: The MUSE (sound TRACK)
  • 2000: The Road ton of El Dorado (sound TRACK; Text: Tim Rice)
  • 2005: Billy Elliot (musical)
  • 2005: Lestat (musical)

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