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Elvis Aaron Presley (* 8. January 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi, the USA; † 16. August 1977 in Memphis, threshing floor lake, the USA) was an US-American singer and actor,due to his immense and durable success the surname King OF skirt' n' roll received.

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of the “King” under the name Elvis Aron Presley one bore and was only survivors the child of Vernon Elvis (* 19. April 1916; † 26. June 1979) and Gladys Love Presley (* 25. April1912; † 14. August 1958). Its twin brother (Jesse Garon, which about a half hour before Elvis was born), died with the birth. Gladys could not get further children after the heavy birth more. Its parents, their poverty it for thoseStillbirth of its brother made (it could resign itself even in later years only heavily to the death of its brother), worked in different opportunity jobs on the poverty border, its father Vernon responsible because of cheque fraud in the prison had already sat. Parentsfrom Elvis grew up together and married 1934. Vernon worked as an agricultural worker, like also its father before it and Gladys was already chord female worker in a textile mill and worked twelve hours on the day. When Gladys became however more schwanger 1934, she losttheir job. Vernon had in the meantime a somewhat better paid job than milk car drivers. The Presleys built itself a small timber building with two rooms. Elvis learned already as a small child many church songs, from which he took up some later on plates. The servicethe black ones had coined/shaped it likewise. Its Religiosität showed up also later, than he wanted to let its second first name change after Biblical model in Aa ron. (There however the State of Mississippi on Presleys birth certificate falsely already Aaron instead of Aron wrote,this was necessarily) in

hope for a better life never pulled the Presleys after Memphis. The dwelling conditions were degrading. While the Presleys in Tupelo had at least still another small own timber building, they lived him Memphis in only one dampcold, something angeschimmelten area. The bath was shared by three further families.

Elvis Presley worked after its conclusion to the Humes High School in Memphis first as an electrician at „the Precision Tool company “and afterwards and. A. as truck driversfor „Crown Electric “. In music coined/shaped about the Gospel, which it sang as a member of the Kirchenchors in a black Methodist municipality since frühster childhood, and which in the Mississippi - delta resident Blues, as well as the Country music, he dreamed however about onecompletely different future. After the removal of the family Presley 1948 into the metropolis Memphis rising since beginning of the fifties, in the Blues - interpreter such as B. B. King, Howlin' wolf or Rufus Thomas the music scene coined/shaped, were this forit the correct environment to let its dreams become true. Very considerably for its musical career - and concomitantly for the further development of the entire Popmusik, as well as skirt in 20. Century - was finally also the circumstance,that his parents it from fear 1946 to its 11. Birthday not the desired bicycle to give there they knew fear had that its son will over-drive could, but only one guitar, which it without instruction and note knowledge already after shorterTime to play understood. He got the bicycle later anyway.

Early career

1953 took up Presley to the Sun record - Studios in Memphis on acetate the titles “My Happiness” and “That's When Your Heartaches Begin”. Allegedly it took this plate aslate birthday gift for its nut/mother up. The decades after, he sang the two titles, as well as numerous Balladen in over two very agitate-blessedly, nearly kitschig, which provides partly this very day for critic mockery. This lecture style was however - beside its “rockigen”Phrasierungstechnik - from the outset an important part of Elvis' success prescription.

The owner that of Sun Studios, SAM Phillips, a lover and producer of the black music, became attentive by the special sound colouring of Elvis' voice on these. Phillips at that time already was for some time on the search for a singer with “the special sound” and particularly with a pronounced rhythm feeling, because he forecast once:If I could find a white man, that the voice and the projecting ability of a black one has, then I could make one million dollar.

Although of his opinion convinces, it was first still very sceptical due to the market mechanisms at that time, because particularly in the racistic south of the USA white radio stations played into the 60'sno black music. But Philipps kept right, its feeling concerning the recent singing talent it had not deceived, because since 1954 world-wide altogether a well records of Elvis Presley sold themselves over billion. Starting from at the beginning of set 1956 in the USA andshort time later also in Western Europe around Elvis a “mass hysteria” and a “person cult”. No other Teenager Idol of the earlier years as for example Bing Crosby, Perry Como or Dean Martin was as hysterisch admired as Elvis Presley. No humans forwardsand after Elvis, except perhaps the Beatles a such hysteria released!!

To 5. July 1954 was first of several photograph sessions in Sun Studios, whereby Elvis, together with the Studiomusikern Scotty of moorlands (guitar) and Bill Black (Bass) - D.J. Fontana at the Schlagzeug was only added one year later - at the beginning of some more different Countryballaden and straight current Popsongs uninspiriert tried out. More by accident that resulted in the break during a sample from musical Herumalberntypical “Elvis sound”, when Scotty of moorlands the guitar reef of a Rhythm & a Blues - piece rhythmically strongly accented played, Elvis this Offbeat took up, the classical Bluesgesang of the original with vocalistic elements by Gospel and Country music enriched and with circling movements by thatStudio whirled.SAM Phillips, which saw and heard this, had now finally, what he wanted always and those requested volume to make further in this style.

A new sound was born and a new music direction created, those thatlegendary amerik.Disc jockey Alan Freed shortly thereafter for the first time skirt' n' roll (English. approximately for “schunkeln & whirl”) called. That's universe right mummy - actually a Blues - piece of the black singer Arthur “bend to Boy” Crudup, the Elvis however above all- the first Song taken up in the new style was, and two days later on Memphis' Radiosender WHBQ was introduced - due to the numerous listener desires had it interpreted 15 times rhythmically perfectly new in the evening altogether to be played, and tonext day arrived 5,000 orders of the single with Sun record.

In January 1956 succeeded Elvis with a fulminanten television appearance in the “Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey of steam turbine and gas turbine systems show” as well as by the publication of the Songs “Heartbreak hotel” (its first Nr.1 inthe Billboard - single - Charts) the break-through in the USA and it became in the following years for the youth of the world the celebrated Idol and after Frank Sinatra in the 40's one the first internationalSuperstar in the history of the Popmusik. Those rhythmically to ekstatische kind, like it its body to the music moved - occasionally also with a portion of self irony - knew one at the most from black one, the white Mainstream public was such a thing to date completeunknown. Particularly its Hüftschwung (“Elvis the pelvis” = Elvis, the basin) in addition, became legendary, was constant stone of the impact for the public opinion in the conservative climate in the USA of the 50's. Parents federations and everything the church were afraid in fronta general purge of morality, moral and ethical values at the fanatisierten youth; a large part of the American press disparaged it due to its and. A. as a “Ambassador of the bad taste”, “, or “musical Abschaum” and the tendency heated sexual Freibeuter”thus additionally on. That led so far that in some Federal States the police forbade the Hüftschwung under menace of punishments to it because of the strong public pressure with concerts. Elvis with its movements wanted to never provoke a public scandal - inTo increase contrast to some skirt star so their admitting heating degrees general after it, which arose still substantially more spectacularly, in order or to maintain their image as “bad boys” - but they were above all expression of its musical emotions. The description of the guitaristScotty of moorlands, which was with its first concert in July 1954 thereby, confirms this:That was the moment, in which he began with these Schüttelei. Elvis placed itself with guitar plays on footballs, in order to remain in the clock. As itnow this show made, they caught all to cry on, and we did not know at all, what took place. When we went again from the stage meant someone, it was only because of the fact that Elvis vibrated continuously its leg. Ofit made that there on ever more and developed from it a correct art. But it was it also a natural need. The Gegenwehr of broad society circles did in the long run no abort to its enormous popularity, completely on the contrary. In OD Sullivan - show,the most well-known music transmission on the US television at that time Elvis achieved country-wide record ratingses of 80%, although Sullivan admits before publicly gave that Elvis to-ton-triumph because of its movements only from the hip are upward shown. The moderator had for months refused before,Elvis in the program to take, had to bend itself however in the long run nevertheless the attack of the American youth, which “bombarded and threatened with” him with letters to boycott from now on its transmission which would have had naturally enormous effects on the incomes from advertising.

he learned 1959while its military service period in Germany Priscilla Beaulieu know, which he married 1967.

At the 1. February 1968 was born the common daughter Lisa Marie Presley, which excited 1994 by its wedding with the “King OF Pop ” Michael Jackson attention. The marriagebetween Elvis and Beaulieu 1973 became divorced.

It in music stood for Hound Dog with pieces such as Heartbreak hotel (the first piece on RCA ), uvw. (1956) initially for the skirt' n' roll, however he extended quite soon his repertoirearound Balladen such as Love ME tender (1956). It was probably the combination of more outstanding, black sounding voice, good appearance, white skin color and a various, but always safe the mass-market appropriate repertoire, which Presleys explain singular success. Those Sun of Studios of the 1950er had brought something new out with numerous interpreters, but only Elvis was able to let become it from a minority to the mass culture.

Late career

Elvis Presleys house in Graceland

after Elvis during the sixtieson its not particularly remarkable films, took up he concentrated at the beginning of of 1969 to the American sound of Studios with the legendary producer chip Moman, the first times for many years again in its hometown Memphis. This sessions brought the twoHit albums From Elvis in Memphis out and bake in Memphis, in addition here also the world hits Suspicious Minds developed and in The Ghetto, which brought Elvis after four years Nummer-1-Hit-Flaute again back to the points of the Charts.

A high point of itsWork was the television show Elvis - Aloha From Hawaii, which was radiated via satellite, when first concert world-wide live could be seen and over a billion humans before the television lured. In the USA the show at this obtainedEvening ratingses of 99,7 per cent. That is world-wide until today the highest ratio value.

Already during lifetimes 89 albums of Elvis Presley appeared. Up to its death to 16. It had already sold August 1977 over 500 million clay/tone carrier, totoday approx. 1,85 billion (conditions 2000). Thus he is with distance a most successful singer of all times at all. Although he was seen gladly in the role of the rebellious Rockers, he was nevertheless in the long run unpolitical. He was nominated for 14 Grammys and3 - everything won for its Gospelmusik. Its last Song took it in the Jungle Room in its messuage Graceland on (October 1976) with the title “Way down”, a mixture from quite modern music and naturally its special Rock'n'Roll style.

With moneyit could never go around thereby. For 5.5 million US Dollar under-paid far it sold all its musical rights 1974 at RCA. After departure of the portion of its manager and the taxes Elvis remained straight once 900,000 dollar. Already 1967, on thatTiefpunkt der Karriere, hatte er mit seinem Manager einen Vertrag unterschrieben, der diesem die Hälfte aller Einnahmen zuwilligte.Bei seinem Tod besaß er an Vermögen trotz Plattenverkäufen im dreistelligen Millionenbereich nur sein Haus Graceland und 1,2 Millionen Dollar auf seinem Girokontoin order to cover the running costs.

Elvis Presley completed a Konzertmarathon of more than 150 shows per year in its last eight Lebensjahren. The free time he spent on its messuage Graceland in Memphis where it, it so often went alongchatted to its fans at Eingangstor and autographs gave. It fought in this time according to statement of friends with substantial personal and economic problems. Besides he suffered for years under medicine dependence, whereby its health was in the long run ruined.

Elvis' gravestone in Graceland


to 16. August 1977 was found Elvis Presley by its friend at that time Ginger Alden lying on the belly at the soil of its bathroom and explained in the Baptist Memorial hospital at 15.30 o'clock officially for dead. It became only 42 years old.

“ThatKing is dead ", this message spread rapidly and released world-wide mourning. As official cause of death Presleys was indicated “heart stop by central failure of the breath organs”. His body physician Dr. Nichopolus, which supplied Elvis again and again with Aufputschmittel, became later from thatAccusation of the negligent killing acquitted.

Films and television

Presley worked as an actor in Hollywood and played in 31 features and two documentary films in the main role also. At the 3. , He stepped December 1968, still before its actual stage comeback in oneown TV-show up: “Elvis NBC TV-Special”, which is designated later than “68 comeback Special”. Elvis united therein the skirt “n” roll of the 50's and some new Songs in new style. It could book this show as full success. Becausefirst it was itself not reliably, whether it could meet with the same approval after its long break as live musicians still at the public, like nearly 10 years before. But its appearance convinced. In its black Lederoutfit (between the photographs alwaysagain to be smoothed, cleaned and with a hair dryer dried, there Elvis had therein terribly sweated) proved it a its being able again. Again there it was. Legendarily the two Showteile, which admit UP show” and “Sit down show” as “conditions became. Those“Sit down show” is rated also gladly as the first Unplugged - show. Was locked the TV appearance with the picture, which became famous. Elvis stands before an oversize, for red shining signature of its name in a white suit and sings to the Song “IfI CAN Dream " (the influence of of Martin Luther King speech “I have A dream” is clearly to recognize). Elvis had crucial portion of the success of this show and of its conception: Its manager Tom Parker had originally only a “soft-rinsed”Show in the sense had, with which Elvis Christmas carols sing should, the director did not want to give however seasonal character to the show. In the controversy between the “Colonel” and the producers Elvis, which did not contradict its manager otherwise, seized a party for the “Rock'n'Roll”.

After its military service 1958 to 1960 in Germany and a phase as a film star in Hollywood Presley prepared 1969 for its stage comeback . Starting from 1970 it finally went to tour. The film Elvis - That's The Way ItIs shows the emergence of its singular show in July/August 1970 of the samples in California up to the preparations and live-appearances in the Showroom internationally of the hotel (today the Hilton) in read Vegas. The 2001 on DVD “Special appearedEdition of " this concert film is a completely revised, restored version of the original documentation with some new Songs and other camera focusing. After the large success of That's The Way It Is followed two years later a continuation in form of the concert film on route, the Elvis on route in the spring 1972 in different cities of the USA shows. After Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite (1973) became Presley only once, while its last tour in June 1977, of a television team accompanied(CBS). Its weight problems were noticeable, its voice however never left it. The Zusammenschnitt of two concerts (19 was radiated. and 21. June 1977) under the title Elvis in Concert, however only after its death. Already since manyYears become these photographs of Elvis Presley Enterprises before further radiant emittances and/or. Publications underCatch held, why recordings of the transmission among fans are very desired. On the DVD “Elvis by the Presleys”, which appeared 2005, are for the first time again cutouts outto see this time. A further documentation is the film “This is Elvis”. A film partially occupied with actors, which contains however also some original photographs. A German-language version of this film is into the 80ern under the title “that is Elvis " also on video appeared.


Elvis' fame hardly suffered also by its death. Until today one can buy books, videos or CDs of Elvis. Its former house Graceland is with 600.000 visitors annually to the white house thosesecondarymost popular tourist attraction of the USA.

The rights at Elvis Presley as brand names are to the media entrepreneur Robert Sillerman with Elvis Presley Enterprises, which belonged to Lisa Marie Presley to in the middle of December 2004 mostly , since then. The enterprise gives the ownAngaben zufolge nur bei 2 % aller Anträge ihre Zustimmung zu einem Merchandise-Artikel. Nevertheless there is meanwhile hardly an article, which would not have come in a Elvis Presley version on the market. Elvis is appropriate for list for decades in the first place the Forbes -dead prominent with the highest incomes. According to the FAZ the company took 2003 45 million dollar and gained 12 million dollar operational profit - although it does not possess any rights at its music photographs.

Actually for an advertising spot of the sports article manufacturer Nike to the soccer world championship 2002 Remix of the Songs A little manufactured by the Netherlands DJ Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg) less conversation was the first Elvis number unity hit since 1977 (the original 1968 as B-side published). Out of consideration for Presleys tablet craze into the 70ernJunkie XL called itself only “JXL”.


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  • Jailhouse skirt
  • One Night
  • look for A Night
  • A bend Hunk O´Love
  • teddy Bear
  • Kiss ME Quick
  • Return ton of transmitters
  • Can´t Help Falling in Love With You
  • It´s Now Or Never
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  • in The Ghetto
  • Suspicoius Minds
  • separate Ways
  • Burning Love
  • Promised country


  • How great Thou kind
  • He Touched ME
  • Peace in The Valley
  • He isMy Everything
  • Help ME
  • Why ME, lord
  • Crying in The Chappel
  • Amazing Grace


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