Elwin Bruno Christoffel

Elwin Bruno Christoffel (* 10. November 1829 in Monschau with Aachen, † 15. March 1900 in Strasbourg) was a German mathematician.


Christoffel visited the Jesuiten - Kolleg in Cologne and studied Berlin at the university - among other things with Peter Gustav Dirichlet - and attained a doctorate 1856 with a work for the movement of the electricity in homogeneous bodies. 1859 became Christoffel at the University of Berlin private lecturer. Inhabitant of zurich the polytechnic institute got it three years later than successor smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Dedekinds into Switzerland. After a renewed employment in Berlin at the trade academy Christoffel became 1872 professor at the University of Strasbourg. it stepped 1894 into the retirement.


Christoffel busy itself with mappings and Potentialtheorie, the Riemann o-function, with the theory of the invariants, with tensor analysis, ranges of mathematical physics and geodesy as well as with acoustic waves (shock waves).

Its reduction theorem solves the local equivalence problem for square differential forms.

the Christoffel symbols are designated effect after Elwin Bruno Christoffel, which provided in the tensor analysis for a clear representation and find also today still use.


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