Emanuel writer

Emanuel writer * 13. December 1852 body NIC, Mähren, † 1932, was Rabbiner and journalist.

It received its training to the Jeschiwa in Leipnik and visited the rabbinische seminar in iron city, as well as at the university in Berlin (doctorate in Heidelberg1873). 1874 he was appointed the teacher at the SAM on school with Wolfenbüttel. Afterwards it was Rabbiner of Elbing (1875) and from Bonn (1878).

1881 followed writer a call into the United States after mobiles, where he remained until 1883 as Rabbiner, as it toRabbiner of Denver was selected. Later he officiated to Little skirt (1889-1891 ) , Spokane (1891-92 ), Toledo (1892-97) and Youngstown (Ohio) in the same function in Los Angeles (1885-89), (1897-1899). From 1899 on it was Rabbiner of the Kongregation Emanu EL, Chicago.

Writer gave the “Jewish one from 1876 to 1881Municipality and family newspaper " (later “the reform”) out, and from 1893 to 1896 “Chicago Occident”. It wrote numerous essays for the Jewish press.


of its work are mentioned:

  • The Principien of the Judenthums compared to those of the Christianity, Leipzig 1877
  • Abraham Geiger, ib. 1879
  • narrations of the holy writing, 4th OD., Leipzig, 1880
  • the self criticism of the Jews, Berlin, 1880, and Leipzig, 1890
  • Graetz's Geschichtsbauerei, ib. 1881
  • the Talmud of the point of view of the modern Judenthums, ib. 1881;
  • The Talmud, Denver, 1884
  • reformJudaism and Its Pioneers, Spokane, 1892
  • Moses Bloch, A Biography, Chicago, 1894
  • The Bible into the Light OF Science, Pittsburg, 1897


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