Emil Adolf of Behring

Emil von Behring

Emil Adolf of Behring, (* 15. March 1854 in Hans village, circle rose mountain in the province west Prussia, as Emil Adolf Behring; † 31. March 1917 in Marburg) was a German bacteriologist and Serologe.


Emil Adolf of Behring buildup as the fifth of twelve children of a village school teacher in ärmlichen conditions. After promptly its school gift was recognized, different scholarships made the distribution of the Abitur for it possible; ofit study desired of the medicine seemed however not eligible for financing without large support, why Behring hit the military-medical career, in which for each study term one service year was taken into account.

To 2. It stepped October 1874 into the emperor William academy for the military-medical naturein Berlin. It followed at that time there at the same time that resident Corps Suevo Borussia - a student connection -. it was appointed attained a doctorate to 1878 , 1889 to Institut for infections in Berlin as Robert cook, where it in the summer 1890 thosePushing ASP office Kitasato the Tetanusantitoxin developed bases for the serum therapy and discovered in community with the Japanese. Since 1891 he - supports partially from Paul Ehrlich - worked on the development of the Diphtherieantitoxine. Finally this made the victory possible overthis up to then often deadly running illness.

Since had the Prussian ministry for education and cultural tried 1892 to shift Behring to a chair a university to provide in order this larger action clearance and means for own research. Differences with cook left this stepappear all the more urgent. To the winter semester 1894/95 Behring a place stepped as an extraordinary professor for hygiene at the university resounds on.

1895 took over Behring the chair and the line of the hygenic institute of the University of Marburg, where 1904 also those Behring works developed. it succumbed to 1917 in its Marburger house of a pneumonia.

For its earnings/services in the serums therapy, particularly in the fight against the Diphtherie, he was honoured in the year 1901 with the first Nobelpreis for physiology or medicineand ge ennobles.

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